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Bryant Chose Terra State For Several Reasons

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Bryant Chose Terra State For Several Reasons
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Karen and Student 

Fremont, Ohio, February 16, 2018 - Paula Bryant will graduate this May with her degree in Health Information Technology from Terra State Community College.  The Tiffin native choose Terra State for many reasons.  “As a single mother on a strict and limited budget, maintaining low financing for an education is imperative,” Paula says.  “The cost of tuition at Terra State is lower than other institutions.”  Proximity and flexibility came into play, too.  “The short commute to Terra state helps me with scheduling around other responsibilities.  I was able to take a class during my lunch and then another class after work,” she continues. 

Class size was part of the decision, as well.  “I found the smaller classes beneficial because I could get more one-on-one time with my professors.  They were able to answer the questions I had during class instead of having to send an email and waiting for the response.”

Paula’s favorite instructor was Karen Faulk, Terra State Ambulatory Health Informatics Analyst.  “She had a huge impact on me,” says Paula.  “She was like my own personal cheerleader.”