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Vision 2016 - Strategic Vision and Plan

Goal 1: 

Raise the region's educational attainment in higher education.


  • Increase enrollment to 5,000 students (head count) by 2015.
  • Institutionalize Academic Quality at Terra State Community College.
  • Improve student completion rates and reduce achievement gaps among student groups. 


Goal 2: 

Serve as a catalyst for success in college.


  • Develop co-curricular learning options that enhance the quality of the student experience.
  • Enhance student engagement and retention.
  • Identify and implement data-driven strategies that address success rates of students in courses.


Goal 3: 

Enhance community outreach and engagement.


  • Strengthen cross-sector relationships to enhance the College's collaboration and to create the mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Enhance communication efforts with internal and external constituents.


Goal 4: 

Provide dynamic training and learning opportunities for life and work in a global economy.


  • Create flexible course schedule options that allow students maximum access to our programs of study.
  • Develop and expand co-ops, internships, and other work-based experiences to enhance career options for students.
  • Explore pedagogies that enhance transfer of knowledge, skills, and technology across the curriculum.
  • Infuse diversity, cultural competences, and global awareness into the College's curriculum, co-curriculum, and campus operations.
  • Develop/Expand new academic programs.


Goal 5: 

Expand the College's resource base.


  • Develop a human resource infrastructure to sustain institutional growth and change.
  • Implement emerging technologies to continuously improve the learning environment.
  • Implement energy plan to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Infuse sustainability efforts in to college's practices, services, and educational outcomes.
  • Institute brand identity as "Terra State Community College".
  • Strengthen the College's and the Foundation's ability to raise funds.
  • Update the College's capital master plan.