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Academic Assistance Labs and Tutoring Services

Tutoring services

Terra State Community College students are eligible to receive a one hour session per week, per class, of free tutoring for classes in which they are currently enrolled. These sessions are dedicated to specific course assignments and lessons. In the case of Math and Writing you can take advantage of group and one-on-one sessions ONLY after you complete 2 Academic Assistance Lab sessions (see below for details on labs).

Group Tutoring:
Attend a tutoring session with your peers. Small group tutoring sessions (1-5 students) are available upon instructor approval. Your instructor will submit a request and the Academic Service Center will contact you to schedule your session.

Individualized Tutoring:
In limited cases your instructor can request one-on-one sessions with a tutor. Upon approval the Academic Service Center will contact you to arrange your appointment.

Requesting a tutor:
Stop by the Academic Service Center, located in the General Technologies Building, B-105 to pick up a tutoring form.

Online Tutoring:
In addition to face-to-face tutoring, students can receive free online tutoring in any of these areas noted above. Visit the online tutoring page or etutoring.org for more information about this service.

Be a student tutor!

Becoming a peer tutor: 

  • Applying to be a tutor is easy! You can do so by contacting Career Services at 419.559.2252 or stopping by the Career Services office in Roy Klay Hall, A–100.
  • If you just want to learn more about this opportunity, stop into the Academic Service Center in the General Technologies Building, B-105 or call 419.559.2109/419.559.2139.

Academic Assistance Labs

The Academic Assistance Labs are free tutoring services for Terra State students who may be struggling in Math or Writing. These sessions are more general in nature than the Tutoring sessions listed above. Academic Assistance Labs are Walk-in and require no prior approval from an instructor. Adjunct faculty or professional tutors staff the Academic Assistance Labs.

  • Writing Assistance Lab tutors can help students with all writing projects for any course, not just English. Get help with generating ideas, developing and organizing your thoughts, writing rough drafts, eliminating specific grammar or style problems, and citing sources.
  • Math Assistance Lab tutors can help students with Math from developmental (MTH 0120) through Calculus II. Some Math Assistance Lab tutors can even help with Accounting classes!  Not all instructors can tutor in all courses.  For assistance, please contact the Academic Service Center in the General Technologies Building, B-105 or call 419.559.2100/419.559.2139 for a schedule.

For more information contact the Academic Service Center at 419.559.2109/419.559.2342 | ddalton01@terra.edu | or stop by:General Technologies Building, B-105.