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Disability Resources

  • American Foundation for the Blind AFB Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss
  • Asperger Syndrome Training and Employment Partnership (ASTEP) 
  • Career Opportunities for Students With Disabilities, A national association of college and employers focused on the career employment of college graduates with disabilities. 
  • disABLEDperson, Inc. - new portal for college grads with disabilities!
  • Jobs Search for People with Disabilities 
  • Careers and Community information from the USA government for People with Disabilities 
  • JAN Job Accommodation Network - Free ADA library, publication and searchable database that provides information about job accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the employability of people with disabilities.
  • National Business and Disability Council - assists the business community in providing full access to their places of business and employment. In addition to information about the organization and its services to businesses, this site has a resume posting service for college graduates with disabilities.
  • DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) - works to increase the successful participation of people with disabilities in academic programs and careers.
  • Workforce Recruitment Program - creates a database of screened candidates with disabilities seeking summer and permanent positions.
  • ENTRY POINT! is a program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) offering Outstanding Internship Opportunities for Students with Disabilities in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, and some fields of Business.
  • Job Access - Working with Companies, Non-Profits, and others to employ people with disabilities
  • Famous People with Disabilities - Disabled World publication
  • Federal Employment of People with Disabilities - helps Americans, with and without disabilities, better understand how to hire and retain persons with disabilities.
  • The Association on Higher Education And Disability - a professional organization that serves the educational, information and networking needs of its members. While they doesn't serve parents and students directly, they can point you in the direction of some possible resources.
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities is dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by learning disabilities. National information and referral, public outreach and communications, and legislative advocacy and public policy.
  • Learning Disabilities Association of America provides general information about learning disabilities, while local chapters provide referrals to physicians and treatment centers. Provides information and referral to state chapters, parent resources, and local support groups. Publishes news briefs and a professional journal.
  • National Organization on Disability, A nonprofit organization that focuses on increasing employment opportunities for working-age Americans with disabilities who are unemployed.
  • U.S. Business Leadership Network, A national business organization that uses a business-to-business strategy to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the work force.
  • College Resources for Students with Disabilities guidebook 
  • How to get scholarships and grants for students with disabilities.
  • Resources for people with disabilities interested in getting into business

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Dori Dalton, MSW, LISW-S - Director of Academic Service Center Counseling and Disability Services
B-105 General Technologies
Email: ddalton01@terra.edu
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