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Accommodations and Equipment for Students

In order to make sure that all students have the opportunity to succeed, Terra State provides students with many academic resources. See the listing below for more information about the academic accommodations we offer our student population.


  • Extended time - Instructors may arrange to accommodate extended time in the classroom. Tests can also be taken in the disability testing center. Be sure to remind your instructor to include the extended time when indicating the time limitation on the disability Testing Center Form.
  • Readers and Scribes – Arrive promptly at the Disability Services Office on the scheduled date and time to complete the test. Note: Students using readers will be provided with an audio-recorded version of the test unless otherwise determined that a live reader is reasonable and appropriate.


  • Digital Recorder - A recorder that does not require cassette tapes. Classroom lectures are recorded and saved to retrievable files.  You can bookmark important points, and a time elapse counter allows you to quickly return to specific points within the recorded material.
  • Electronic Format Text - Students with this accommodation will be provided with a CD version of their textbook, which can be read by assistive software installed on campus computers. You will need to:
    • Submit a book request form, available in room A-301, to the Disability Services
    • Provide learning support services with a copy of your course syllabus outlining all reading requirements
    • Purchase the course textbooks for which electronic textbooks are being requested
    • Complete the software training
    • Return the CD at the end of the academic term
  • Note-taking Services – Note-taking assistance is not a substitute for attending class or attempting to take your own personal classroom notes. Note-taking services typically consist of a fellow class member sharing his/her notes with the student for whom note-taking services are approved. However, if the student chooses, digital recording may also serve as a form of note-taking.
  • Tape Recorded Lectures - This will be noted as an appropriate accommodation on the letter your instructor will receive during the first week of classes. Be sure to share your signed copy of the Audio-taping Agreement with your instructor.
  • In-Class Note Taker 
    • Students are responsible for stopping at the Office of Disability Services and picking up the notepads with attached instructions for giving the notepad to a friend in class or the instructor to ask the class.
    • Note takers are provided with carbon copy paper so that copies of their notes can be shared directly after class.
    • Pending your approval, the note taker will be given your name and will introduce himself/herself to you after the first class period.
    • Arrangements for the exchange of notes should be discussed at this first meeting (e.g., “Would you like to meet in the hallway? In the classroom?”)
  • Reading Pen - This electronic scanner is available to students registered with the Disability Services who have the documented need for assistance in reading textbooks, articles, etc. This equipment has the ability to scan unrecognized words and then audio-generate the correct pronunciation and definition.

Learn More About Accommodations and Equipment

If you have any further questions or would like more information about accommodations and equipment, please call Disability Services at 419.559.2342 or toll free at 866.288.3772 Ext. 2342, or you can contact Dori Dalton at ddalton01@terra.edu.