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Discussing Accommodations with Instructors

After you have been approved for special accommodations at Terra State Community College, the next step is to let your instructors know about the educational services you will be using. View the list below for a step-by-step guide on how to tell your instructors.

Accommodation Discussion Instructions

  1. Set up a meeting with your instructors. After the first day of class has met, request a private meeting with each instructor to discuss your academic accommodations. Given the confidential nature of this conversation, your meetings should take place in a private setting, such as your instructor’s office, division office, etc. It is NOT advisable to simply hand over a copy of your accommodation letter to your instructors in the classroom without any discussion.
  2. Be clear and factual. Let each instructor know that you have participated in a meeting with the coordinator of learning support services, and that, based on documentation you have been approved to receive the accommodations listed in your letter. Important: You are not required to disclose your disability! It is strictly your decision whether or not to discuss the specifics of your disability diagnosis. However, we have found that the more information an instructor has regarding your abilities and functional limitations, the better. You may wish to share your academic strengths and challenges with your instructor at this time.
  3. Address the specific arrangements your accommodations will entail.  
  4. For example:

    If extended time on quizzes and exams is an accommodation, discuss how the scheduling should be handled. Will you take the exam in the Disability Services, library testing center, or classroom?

    If you will be taking classroom quizzes and exams in the Disability Services, discuss the process that should be followed for filling out the test routing form.

    If you will be tape recording classroom lectures, share a copy of the tape recording agreement that you signed with your instructor.

    If a composition aid is an accommodation, what type of composition aid will you be using for in-class writing assignments?

    If preferential seating is an accommodation, where would you prefer to be seated? How will the seat be reserved?

    Are there any other changes in classroom set-up or arrangement that need to be addressed?

  5. Address any concerns. If you have any concerns whatsoever after your instructor meetings, please contact the Disability Services immediately. 

Questions? Contact Disability Services

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the discussing accommodations with instructors, please call 419.559.2342 or toll free at 866.288.3772 for disability services, or contact Dori Dalton at ddalton01@terra.edu.