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Disability Service Faculty Information

Terra State's Disability Services recognizes that some students might need a little extra help in reaching their academic goals. We understand the needs of students with disabilities and provide program accessibility, assurance of equal opportunity and auxiliary services to those students.

Disability Services Information for Faculty

To promote understanding among our faculty, the Disability Services has developed some helpful learning materials. Faculty members, please take a look at the handbooks and guides below:

  • Faculty Handbook  - The Faculty Handbook was designed to help faculty members as they work with students who have documented disabilities. The handbook gives specific guidelines for students who are blind, students with Attention Deficit Disorder, deaf students and more. 
  • Discussing Accommodations with Students - Discussing Accommodations with Students gives faculty strategies for meeting with students who need special academic accommodations.  
  • Testing Procedures and Schedule – This page gives faculty guidelines for administering tests to disabled students. It also explains cancellation and rescheduling policies. 

Contact Disability Services

If you have questions regarding the disability services offered at Terra State or the educational materials above, please contact the Disability Services at 419.559.2342 or 866.288.3772.You can also contact Dori Dalton at ddalton01@terra.edu via email.