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Discussing Accommodations with Students

Setting an Accommodation Meeting

Students with provisions for academic accommodations will request a private meeting with you. Given the confidential nature of the conversation, the meeting should take place in a private setting, such as your office, division office, etc.

It is not recommended that students simply hand their accommodation letters to you in the classroom without any discussion. 

At the Accommodation Meeting

  1. Allow the student to be proactive in beginning the discussion.
  2. The student will be discussing the fact that he/she has participated in a meeting with the Coordinator of Disability Services and based on documentation has been approved to receive the accommodations listed in the letter. The student is not required to disclose his/her disability. It is his/her decision whether or not to discuss the specifics of the disability. However, students have been made aware that the more information an instructor has regarding the student’s abilities and functional limitations the better. 
  3. If the student chooses not to disclose his/her disability, the conversation should be focused on the specifics of the accommodations.

For example: 

  • If extended time on quizzes and exams is an accommodation, discuss with the student how the scheduling should be handled. Will the student take the exam in the testing center or in class?
  • If the student is tape recording classroom lectures, ask to see a copy of the tape recording agreement.
  • What type of composition aid will you be using for in class writing assignments?
  • If the student has the accommodation of preferential seating, where would the student prefer to be seated? How will the seat be reserved?
  • Are there any other changes in classroom set up or arrangement that need to be addressed?

Possible Instructor Questions

  • What can we do within the classroom to give you the opportunity to be successful?
  • What, if any, modifications will need to be made during classroom lectures?
  • What do you feel you will need from me in order to be successful?
  • Do you have any concerns about the course and your ability to complete it successfully?
  • How will your disability affect you while we are in class?
  • What support services are you aware of that might be of help to you if you feel like you are falling behind in class?  (Perhaps give the student some suggestions if this does occur.)

Learn How to Discuss Student Accommodations

If you have questions regarding the disability services offered at Terra State or would like more information about how to discuss accommodations with students, please contact the Disability Services at 419.559.2342 or 866.288.3772. You can also contact Dori Dalton, the Coordinator of Disability Services & Academic Improvement, at ddalton01@terra.edu.