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Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Terra State offers many accommodations for students with disabilities.  Testing accommodations may include but are not limited to:

  • Assistive technology
  • Audio Output
  • Computer use with spell and grammar check activated
  • Distraction reduced space
  • Extended time
  • Large Print
  • Reader
  • Scribe

Testing Locations

  1. Students may take tests in class, if possible, using the prescribed accommodations coordinated by the instructor.
  2. Students are only permitted to take tests in the testing center or other locations pending individual and instructor agreement on the time and place. 

Instructor Procedures for Test Administration

  • Students needing test accommodations must present test routing forms to their instructors. Instructors need to fill out the required information and immediately return the yellow copy of the form to students. Instructors keep the white copy of the form as a reminder that tests need to be delivered to the Disability Services.

Policies for Test Administration

Special faculty instructions will be reviewed with students prior to testing.  Students will be held responsible for following instructions at all times.

All tests must be completed on the same day that they are begun unless it is previously determined that the test will be administered in sections.

  • Students are responsible for having all of personal exam materials readily available.
  • Any suspected evidence of cheating will be documented and reported to the appropriate faculty and staff members.

Readers and Scribes


  • Readers can be asked to repeat information.
  • Readers will only read what is on the printed page and cannot be asked to clarify or reword statements.
  • Readers need feedback to be effective. The student should indicate what reading tone, rate, etc. works best.


  • Scribes will write down verbatim what is dictated by the student. The scribe is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing thoughts into a final draft.
  • Scribes are responsible for spelling and sentence ending punctuation.  The student may direct the scribe to adhere to any specific spelling or punctuation within sentences.

The student has the right to review, at any time, what the scribe has written either by reading it or having it read. It is also the students right to make corrections by directing the scribe to do so.

Explore Testing Accommodations for Disabled Students

If you have questions regarding the disability services offered at Terra State or testing  accommodations with students, please contact the Disability Services at 419.559.2342 or 866.288.3772. You can also email Dori Dalton, the Coordinator of Counseling and Disability Services at ddalton01@terra.edu.