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Terra State’s Academic Divisions

Terra State Community College’s academic programs are designed to help students learn more about their field of interest and help them develop the knowledge needed to succeed in the real world. Our associate degree and certification programs are full of relevant classes, taught by experienced professionals, ensuring that our students will be prepared for the workplace.

Academic Divisions

Allied Health, Nursing, and Human Services

If you want to start your career in healthcare or human services, then the Allied Health, Nursing, and Human Services division is the place to be. You will experience hands-on training and skills that will prepare you for an exciting and challenging career!

Business, Humanities, and Industrial Technologies

Do you have a passion for music, a flair for entrepreneurship, or a love working with your hands? Art, welding, and accounting are all part of this division.

Learn about Academics at Terra State 

To learn more about our programs and academic divisions, call us at 419.334.8400 or 1.866.AT.TERRA 866.288.3772. You can also send an email to Terra State Community College Admissions Enrollment Services.