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Hospitality Management Degree Program

Program of Study

The hospitality industry is one of the Northern Ohio’s leading employers continually looking for well-qualified managers and supervisors. This program prepares students for a wide variety of career opportunities within the hospitality industry. The Hospitality Management major is designed to emphasize a broad base of knowledge and skills of the hospitality industry with the emphasis in strategies in supervision, sanitation, cost controls for food, beverage and labor, communication, customer service skills, management and a blend of general education topics.

The hospitality industry has become an important source of jobs in the Terra State's service area as the college sits in the Lake Erie Islands & Shores region.  The Hospitality Management major is a combination of general education, communications, and management skills through hands on job training and professional partnerships with the region's hospitality businesses and leaders.  The faculty has identified the following Learning Outcomes for all graduates:

  • Discuss the scope of the Hospitality Industry.
  • Apply a comprehensive understanding of: basic food cookery, industry terminology, and the use and care of food service equipment.
  • Exhibit knowledge of food purchasing, receiving and issuing, proper table service, and front of the house management controls.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of the value of the menu as a major management tool, including its role as a merchandising tool for the presentation of food and beverage.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic sanitation principles and methods of training employees to follow good sanitation practices.
  • Plan, organize, and manage a special event.
  • Demonstrate understanding of a successful lodging front-office operation and the role that housekeeping plays in its success.
  • Use technology for business communication, computation, and presentation.


  • Hotel/restaurant/Marina/Campground Management
  • Management Trainee
  • Assistant Food and Beverage Manager
  • Dining Room Supervisor
  • Guests Services Manager
  • Banquet Sales Coordinator
  • Event Planner
  • Front Desk Supervision
  • Housekeeping Supervision




Course Course Name  Credit Hours 
HSP 1000      Introduction to Hospitality Management 2
HSP 1100     Food and Beverage Safety 2
MGT 2200 Customer Service and Auditing 3
HSP 2980 Cooperative Work Experience 3
HSP 2100 Food Preparation 1 3
HSP 2130 Food Preparation 2 3
HSP 1150 Food and Beverage Operations 3
HSP 1300 Lodging Operations 3
HSP 2200 Event Management 3
MGT 1250 Leadership Development 3
HSP 2150 Menu Engineering 3


Total Technical Credit Hours: 31



Course  Course Name  Credit Hours 
GEN 1000 First-Year Seminar 1
ENG 1050 College Composition I 3
CIT 1090 Digital Literacy and Applications 3
ECO 2020 Microeconomics 3
Choose One: MTH 2310 or MTH 1100  College Algebra or Business Math  3/4
ACC 1100 Financial Accounting 4
Choose One: SPE 2010 or SPE 2200 Effective Speaking or Interpersonal Communication  3
ECO 2020 Microeconomics 3
Choose One: MGT 1210or MRT 1010 Human Resource Management or Marketing 3/4
EBE 2980 Cooperative Education Seminar 1
  *Arts and Humanities Elective 3
  *Natural Science Elective 3

Total General Education and Related Credit Hours: 30/32 


See your advisor for appropriate course selection.

All students graduating from Terra State Community College with an Associate degree of any kind will be functionally proficient in common computer operations and applications. Please see your academic advisor or academic division office for further details.

To determine when courses are scheduled, see the program curriculum sheet which is available from the Enrollment Services office in Building A/Room 100 or contact the Business, Communication and the Arts Division office, Building D, Room 201, 419-559-2411.


Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Thursday, February 11, 2016.    

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