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The AA in Music degree is appropriate for students planning to transfer into a four-year program in any discipline in music. Students should be aware that although only 12 hours from this list are required as a minimum, students should take more music coursework in order to transfer into most music degrees as a junior. Students should meet with their faculty advisor for more information.

Please note that most of the concentration courses, as listed, are part of the state-wide Transfer Assurance Guide and are designed so that students will take classes from each grouping, each term (Group B–only 2 semesters total). An entire sequence must be completed and passed for courses that are sequential in nature (Groups A and B). Students interested in a Music concentration should also select courses used to meet the general college degree requirements and the Ohio Transfer Module.

To make an informed selection of Arts & Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Science electives, Terra State advises the transfer-intending student to consult the receiving institution to ensure maximum transferability and application of credits.

Recommended science courses include 100-level environmental science, chemistry, and physics classes. Terra State Faculty recommendations for this degree include HUM 1410 Introduction to Theatre for their Humanities election.

Since many four-year universities require a foreign language component, it is recommended that students pursuing this degree consider enrolling up to 16 semester hours and competencies through the second year level in a foreign language. Students should contact their transfer institution to clarify their foreign language requirements.

Students should meet with an advisor for appropriate course selection.

* required
** state recommendations (due to TAG)

Note: Electives to be used for Mathematics, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and additional transfer information are located in the college catalog.

All students graduating from Terra State Community College with an Associate degree of any kind will be functionally proficient in common computer operations and applications. Students should see their academic advisor or academic division office for further details.

Associate of Arts


Group A:

Course  Course Name  Credit Hours 
MUS 1210 Music Theory I (part of OAH052) 3
MUS 1220 Music Theory II (part of OAH052) 3
MUS 1240 Aural Skills I (part of OAH052) 1
 MUS 1250 Aural Skills II (part of OAH052) 1
MUS 2210 Music Theory III (part of OAH052) 3
MUS 2220 Music Theory IV (part of OAH052) 3
MUS 2240 Aural Skills III (part of OAH052) 1
MUS 2250 Aural Skills IV (part of OAH052) 1

Group B:

 Course Course Name  Credit Hours 
MUS 1410 Class Piano I (part of OAH019) 1
MUS 1420 Class Piano II (part of OAH019) 1

 Group C:

Course  Course Name  Credit Hours 
MUS 17XX Applied Music (part of OAH020) (may repeat) 2
MUS 27XX Applied Music II (part of OAH020) (may repeat) 2

Group D:

Choose 4 Hrs: MUS 1300, MUS 1330, MUS 1380 
(all are 1 semester hour and equate to OAH022) 1

Concentration Required Credit Hours: 12


Course  Course Name  Credit Hours 
GEN 1000 First-Year Seminar* 1
CIT 1090 Computer Fundamentals* 3
HUM 2900 Leading by the Humanities* 3

College Required Credit Hours: 7


By Placement: 

Course  Course Name  Credit Hours 
ENG 1050 OR ENG 1020  College Composition I 3 or 5
ENG 1060 College Composition II* 3
SPE 2010 Effective Speaking* 3

English/Oral Communications Required Credit Hours: 6


Choose One: MTH 2010 Statistics or MTH 2310 College Algebra or OTM Math elective 3 to 5
Mathematics Required Credit Hours: 3


A minimum of 12 semester hours from approved OTM Arts & Humanities electives. At least 2 different discipline areas are required.
Any combination of OTM Arts & Humanities electives 12
Arts & Humanities Required Credit Hours: 12


A minimum of 10 semester hours from approved OTM Social Sciences electives. At least 2 different discipline areas are required.
Any combination of OTM Social Sciences electives 10
Social Sciences Required Credit Hours: 10


A minimum of 7 semester hours from approved OTM Natural Science electives are required. At least one course must contain a laboratory component or be a laboratory course.
Any combination of OTM Natural Sciences electives 7
Natural Sciences Required Credit Hours:7

Additional elective hours may be taken from any Terra program or discipline to combine with the above requirements to complete a degree with at least 60, but not greater than 73 semester hours. Care should be taken to select elective courses that will meet specific requirements at the four-year institution. No mathematics course below the 200-level may be used as an elective. No developmental course may be used as an elective.

Any combination of additional electives 3–16


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