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Power Technologies Degree Program

Program of Study

The Power Technologies program offers entry-level and advanced instruction, with an emphasis on the analysis and diagnosis of modern gasoline and diesel vehicles. 

Students may select courses in areas of specialization within the Power Technologies Program. Automotive, small engines, diesel, and recreational vehicle and marine specializations are available.

Available certificate programs allow the student to select courses that provide the skills for ASE certification tests.

  • The faculty has identified the following Learning Outcomes for all graduates:
  • Troubleshoot electrical, computer, mechanical and emissions systems.
  • Operate a Computer Service Information to assist in repair of automotive systems.
  • Reinforce ethical business practices in relations with customers and suppliers.
  • Use mathematical skills in analytical and practical problem-solving.
  • Diagnose electrical, electronic and driveline systems.
  • Use proper test meters, computers and lab scopes.
  • Study and test engines for proper operation to meet manufacturer specifications.
  • Perform engine overhaul and perform complete car service.

NOTE: This program is offered primarily evenings; selected courses are offered during the day.


  • Service Technician
  • Diesel Technician
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Agricultural Equipment Technician
  • Marine Equipment Technician
  • Service Manager



Course  Course Name  Credit Hours 
AAD 1110 Auto Electricity 4
AAD 1120 Auto Engines 4
AAD 1150 Introduction to Auto 3
AAD 1330 Drivability 3
AAD 1400 Suspension 3
AAD 1500 Braking Systems 3
AAD 2440 Automotive Power Train I 3
AAD 2450 Electronic Engine Controls 4
AAD 2520 Automotive Power Train II 4
AAD 2640 Fuel and Emission Systems 3
AAD 2660 Air Conditioning and Heating 3
Choose: AAD 2900/EBE 2980/AAD 2980 Capstone/Cooperative Education Seminar/Cooperative Work Experience 1-6

Total Technical Credit Hours: 38-43


 Course  Course Name  Credit Hours
GEN 1000 First-Year Seminar 1
DLS 1090 Digital Literacy and Applications 3
Choose One: ENG 1050/ENG 1020 College Composition I 3/5
ENG 1900 Technical Writing for Business and Industry 3
MFG 1020 Safety 1
MTH 1150 Math for the Trades 4
PHY 1070 Survey of Physics 3
PHY 1075 Survey of Physics Lab 1
SPE 2010 Effective Speaking 3

Humanities Elective                                       3

Social Science Elective                                   3


Total General Education and Related Credit Hours: 28/30


See your advisor for appropriate course selection.

All students graduating from Terra State Community College with an Associate degree of any kind will be functionally proficient in common computer operations and applications. Please see your academic advisor or academic division office for further details.

To determine when courses are scheduled, see the program curriculum sheet which is available from the Enrollment Services office in Building A/Room 100, or from the Engineering, Technologies, and Mathematics Division, Building E, Room 107.

Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Tuesday, February 9, 2016.    

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