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College Credit Plus FAQ's

Who are the CCP Students? 

CCP students are students attending public, private and home schools in grades 7-12.  A current CCP student is Lydia Liskai, age 17 who attends Woodmore High School and Terra State. Lydia learned about the CCP program through a meeting at her high school. The CCP program appealed to her because she could explore a setting other than high school. Lydia is studying Power Technologies (automotive) and plans to add Agribusiness next year. She sees herself in an agriculture related career. Lydia chose Terra State because of its location, close to home and the campus is smaller and feels more personal. Lydia’s advice “Don’t overwhelm yourself with classes – expect the classes to be a challenge. This program is definitely worth it. Make sure you manage your time – don’t stretch yourself too thin.”

Who is eligible to participate?

College Credit Plus is open to 7th through 12th grade students who attend public, community, private, and home school high schools. Students must be Ohio residents and meet the prerequisites and co-prerequisites for courses in which they plan to enroll. Course prerequisites can be found in the college catalog. College Credit Plus prohibits students from enrolling in a remedial or developmental education course.  Deadline to submit letter of intent is April 1st.  

What types of courses can students register for?

Students can register for any Terra State course that will apply to a degree or certificate program. Students can enroll in courses taught on campus, at their high school, or online. New as of 2016-17, Summer classes are included in College Credit Plus! 

Do students need a placement assessment?

Students who want to enroll in college level English or Math courses, must have placement assessment   Terra State will accept ACT scores if taken in the past three years. Terra State offers an Accuplacer assessment. There is no cost for the first assessment.  It is recommended that students prepare for Accuplacer by doing the sample questions found on the Accuplacer web site: https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/students 

What courses are taught at our partnering schools?

Currently, Terra State Community College partners with area schools to offer classes at their high schools for college credit. Contact us for more information.

For more information follow this link for a printable PDF:
College Credit Plus FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

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Ann Warner

Ann Warner - Asst. Dir. Admissions Academic Advising for High School Participation
Location: A-100-H Roy Klay Hall
Email: awarner01@terra.edu
Phone: 419.559.2138

Jamie Lodemeier-Fay

Jamie Lodemeier-Fay - Student Success Mentor - CCP
Location: A-100-I Roy Klay Hall
Email: jloderm01@terra.edu
Phone: 419.559.2125

Alan Mehlow

Alan Mehlow - Student Success Mentor - CCP
Location: A-100-J Roy Klay Hall
Email: amehlow01@terra.edu
Phone: 419.559.2258