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Participation Guidelines

  • Students can enroll in no more than 30 college credit hours per academic year. Students will work in collaboration with their high school guidance counselor and College Credit Plus Advisor to determine what is an appropriate course load;
  • Students are placed in English and math courses based on the results of the placement assessment or their ACT scores;
  • Students are not allowed to enroll in remedial or developmental education courses;
  • It is the responsibility of the student to have their college schedule approved by their high school guidance counselor;
  • It is the responsibility of the student to make sure their high school graduation requirements are met;
  • Students are not guaranteed course availability;
  • Students must meet all course co-requisites and/or prerequisites to enroll in a college course and;
  • Students are not allowed to enroll in non-credit or summer courses under the College Credit Program, but may do so at their own expense.

Direct link to Canvas

my.terra.edu is currently experiencing connectivity issues that are being addressed. If you need to access Canvas to complete assignments and cannot connect to my.terra, please use the direct link terra.instructure.com. 

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