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Developmental Education at Terra State Community College

The developmental education program at Terra State Community College provides important educational opportunities to students. With two primary classrooms located on campus, the program offers courses to help ensure students’ preparedness for college-level mathematics, reading and writing, and to introduce students to the study skills necessary for collegiate success.

Developmental Education Courses

Developmental Education courses help students develop and enhance their skills in writing (ENG 0810), mathematics (MTH 0120), computer skills (DLS 0410) and reading comprehension (ENG 0710). Students are placed in these classes after the college entrance pretesting.  We personalize our Developmental Education classes to meet the needs of each student. Instructors use many types of teaching techniques, including multimedia programs, modular exercises, computer-assisted instruction, lectures and the Internet. These courses help students develop foundational college skills. They were also designed to help students prepare for more advanced college work. Students in our Developmental Education classes receive grades of “S” or “U,” and these  courses do not fulfill graduation or transfer requirements.

Students often take developmental education courses to gain self-confidence. The courses provide an excellent transition to college for the under-prepared student, the non-traditional student and the student who wants to take a refresher course simultaneously with current academic work.

Contact us for more information about developmental education at Terra State.

For additional information about the developmental education program and courses, contact the Engineering, Technologies & Mathematics division office at (419)559-2410.

Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Thursday, February 11, 2016.    

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