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Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options program allows eligible high school students to receive both high school and college credits by enrolling in courses at Terra State Community College. The PSEO program promotes rigorous academic pursuits and a variety of learning options to eligible high school students. Additionally, the State of Ohio covers most costs of enrolling in college courses - including tuition, fees, and textbook costs. 

Enrollment Checklist for PSEO Students

PSEO Documents

PSEO Enrollment Options

  • Option "A" - the student may receive high school and/or college credit and is responsible for all costs associated with attending college. There is no application deadline.
  • Option "B" - the student will receive both high school and college credit and the cost of tuition, fees, and book expenses are paid for by the State of Ohio. Students are still responsible for the purchase of course supplies such as calculators, pens, art supplies, CDs, etc. Option B students must complete the PSEO application by the appropriate deadline.

For more information about the PSEO program, contact us!

Ann Warner

Ann Warner
Asst. Dir. Admissions Academic Advising for High School Partnerships
Office: A100
Phone: 419.559.2138
Email: awarner01@terra.edu