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Payment Options and Plans

Fee Payments

  • Fees for credit courses are due two weeks prior to the start of the term or at the time of registration if the due date has passed.
  • Fees must be either: 1) paid in full; 2) paid through a  Payment Plan ; 3) authorized for payment by a third party source (as evidenced by the completion & submission of sponsorship form ); or 4) approved as a financial aid award pending on Banner Self Service (Student Tab->Student Account->Account Detail by Term).
  • In the event that conditions are not met, the registration may be cancelled.
  • Students with cancelled registrations are encouraged to make the necessary payment arrangements and register again.
  •   Important Dates are available
  •  FYI Summer 2018 Important Dates are available
  •  FYI Fall 2018 Important Dates are available

Payment Plan Info

If a student is unable to pay all of the fees at registration time, a Payment Plan can be arranged in the Cashier’s Office. If the first payment is not received by the payment due date, the student’s classes will be subject to cancellation.

  • The Payment Plan is an alternative to the single payment of fees due at the beginning of each semester. For a $20 one-time per semester (nonrefundable) fee paid at the time of set up, students pay their fees in installments. An additional $25 late fee will be charged for each late monthly payment. Summer payment plans have three payments.
  • Call or email the Cashier’s Office, ext. 2329 to have a Payment Plan form mailed or faxed to you. You can also download a form here:    

Employer Funding

If your employer will be paying or reimbursing you for your classes, please obtain a Company Sponsorship Agreement/Tuition Authorization form. Obtain a form from the Cashier's Office or download the authorization form here. Many employers already have the most current form, check with your HR department also.

  • Company Sponsorship Agreement/Tuition Authorization Form 
  • The student needs to read, sign, and take the company sponsorship agreement/tuition authorization form to their company's personnel officer. Have the personnel officer complete the form, sign, and fax, email or return the completed form to the cashier's office.

Agency Funding

  • If an agency is sponsoring the cost of your classes, the College needs a certification form from the funding agency. If the agency funding isn't listed on Banner Self Service (Student Tab->Student Account->Account Detail by Term), please check with your sponsoring agency or the Cashier's Office.

Past Due Payment Arrangements

  • A student may make arrangements with the Cashier's Office to pay a past due balance.   Payment Arrangement 

Delinquent Accounts

  • Failure to pay fees in full will result in the inability to receive transcripts, grades or register for future terms until the balance due is paid in full.


  • A student has the opportunity to appeal for a review of billing charges and financial aid status if he/she had an unusual circumstance that impacted his/her college attendance. The appeal must be in writing and include verification of the unusual circumstance. Appeal forms are available at the Financial Aid and Cashier’s Offices or down load the form here.  

Return the completed Student Appeal Form and supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office.

Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Thursday, November 15, 2018. Click on this link for more information. 

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