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Printable Forms

Did you know that you can get many important student applications without having to visit the student records office? You can find application forms for graduation, transcripts, records revision and more right here. If you need further help or information, please contact the records department at 866.AT.TERRA ext. 2405 or 419.559.2405. You can also email us at recordsdept@terra.edu.

Petition for Certificate

  • Apply for your certificate by printing and completing the form here for each certificate being sought.
  • Complete and return the form to the Records Office, or mail to the address below.

Petition for Degree

  • Apply for your degree by printing and completing the form here
  • Complete and return the form to the Records Office, or mail to the address below.

Transcript Request

  • A transcript request can be made by printing and completing the transcript request form.pdf 
  • Each copy of an official transcript has a fee of $5. This fee can be paid in cash, by personal check or by credit card.
  • Return the form along with payment to the records office or mail to the address below.
  • Processing may take up to two weeks after we receive your request.

Adding Classes

  • If you want to add a class or classes to your schedule prior to the beginning of the semester, then you can use the normal registration process at my.terra.edu.
  • If you wish to add a class or classes to your schedule after the start of the semester you must contact the instructor through your Terra Student e-mail.  Once your request is accepted, you may contact the Records Office to have the course added to your schedule by e-mailing the office at recordsdept@terra.edu.
  • The addition of a class or classes to your schedule will increase your tuition and fee charges. Immediate payment for added classes is required.

Course Repeat Form

A student may repeat courses taken at Terra to improve their original grade. After successfully repeating a course, the student must file a Course Repeat Form so that the old grade calculation will be removed from the cumulative totals. Forms are available in the Student Records Office and online. Note that the original course will remain on the transcript, but the grade will appear as an FS (forgiven grade). Only one course repeat petition per course is allowed.

Dropping Classes

Students may withdraw from a course through their Banner Self-Service account by selecting an action from the drop down menu.  A grade of “W” (withdrawal) will be issued when the student withdraws prior to 75 percent of any instructional part of a term.  After 75% of a term is complete, students cannot withdraw from a course and will receive the grade that they earned in it.  In order, to be eligible for any possible tuition refund, students must officially withdraw from a course.  Refund procedures and periods are identified within the fee policies section of the college catalog.

Records Revision

It is very important for you to keep the college informed of any changes in contact information and/or education plans. Updating your records is easy! If you change your address, telephone number or education major, then complete the records revision form. If you change your name, you must complete a form at the Records Office and provide documentation of the name change.  

Residency Reclassification

Fees are charged on the basis of residence in the State of Ohio and residence outside the State of Ohio. If the student believes that he or she qualifies for Ohio residency for tuition purposes, the student must submit an appropriate residency application and all supporting documents to the Office of the Registrar.

In its assessment of a student's eligibility for classification as an Ohio resident for tuition purposes, Terra State is obliged to apply the residency eligibility criteria established by Ohio Revised Code 3333.31 and Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-10.  These criteria are compiled in the Residency Reclassification Documentation.

Terra State is not empowered to alter or waive these state regulations, and must enforce their provisions for all students under all personal and/or financial circumstances. 

Students strongly are advised to fully apprise themselves of the criteria established by Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code prior to seeking classification as an Ohio Resident for-tuition-purposes.

Step 1: Download the Residency Reclassification Documentation and identify which category or exemption identifies you as a State of Ohio resident.

Step 2: Download the Residency Reclassification Application, complete, and return with all required supporting documentation.

Requests for residency reclassification must be received prior to start of the term of reclassification. For example, if any required documentation is turned in after the beginning of Fall term, reclassification (if approved) will be applied Spring term. 

Mailing Address and Contact

You can mail any of the above forms and applications to:

Terra State Community College
Attn: Records Office
2830 Napoleon Road
Fremont, Ohio 43420-9670

Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Tuesday, September 20, 2017. 

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