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Governance at Terra State Community College

The faculty and administration at Terra State Community College work hard to ensure that our campus runs smoothly. Eight different organizations collaborate to make sure that our academic programs are superior, our campus is safe and secure and our students’ needs are met. 

Governance Groups 

Visit the listing below for a more detailed look at the governance groups at Terra State Community College:

The Council for Student and Academic Affairs (CASA) – CASA’s role is to ensure that the College has a broad based forum for important instructional and student issues

Campus Safety and Security – Campus Safety and Security is responsible for reviewing and making changes to new and existing security policies. 

Computer Users Team - The Computer Users Team accesses the needs of the campus computer labs.  

Faculty/Administration Council - The Faculty/Administration Council discusses topics that are not negotiated in the faculty contract, such as the college calendar and special projects.

The Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Council (PIE) - The PIE council reviews and recommends annual strategic initiatives for board approval. 

Student Recognition Committee - The Student Recognition Committee is responsible for recognizing outstanding student achievements. 

Learn More About Governance Groups

For more information about governance groups at Terra State Community College, contact us at (419).334.8400 or 1.866.AT.TERRA (866.288.3772).