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Terra State Community College's Council for Student and Academic Affairs

The Council for Student and Academic Affairs (CASA) focuses on academic and student issues. This group is made up of faculty, administration and a student government representative. 

CASA Members

  • Vice Presidents
  • Registrar
  • Deans
  • Executive Director of Business Services
  • Director of Financial Aid
  • (3-6) Faculty Members
  • (3-6) Staff
  • Student Government Representative

CASA Duties

CASA's mission is to ensure that Terra State Community College has a broad-based forum for important instructional and student issues. This group facilitates open discussions and deliberations about these issues. They also take into consideration unique viewpoints or aspects about an issue that may affect the college. In the end, CASA always strives to reach a consensus. 

Meeting Frequency

CASA meets on a monthly basis. 

Learn More About CASA

Do you have questions about CASA, or need more information? Please contact us at (419).334.8400 or toll free at 1.866.AT.TERRA (866.288.3772).