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Terra State Community College's Student Recognition Committee

When you do well at Terra State Community College, we recognize you for your achievements. Our Student Recognition Committee is responsible for involving faculty and staff in acknowledging the accomplishments of Terra State's students. Here is a little more information about this group. 

Student Recognition Committee Members

  • Vice President for Student and Administrative Affairs
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Coordinator of Career Services
  • 2 to 3 Student Affairs staff members
  • A student appointed by Student Government

Committee Duties

The Student Recognition Committee establishes student award categories as opportunities arise. They actively involve faculty and staff in acknowledging student achievements, and select students to be honored for certain awards. The committee guides award nominees through the application process, and submit materials to the appropriate awarding body in a timely manner. The Student Recognition Committee also promotes Terra State Community College by sharing student achievements with the campus community and beyond. 

Meeting Frequency

The Student Recognition Committee meets on an as-needed basis. 

Explore the Student Recognition Committee

To learn more about the Student Recognition Committee, contact us at (429).334.8400 or toll free at 1.866.AT.TERRA (866.288.3772).