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Marketing Degree and Certificate Programs

Marketing Degree

The Marketing Technology program is designed to fulfill the needs of two groups of individuals: students who intend to explore career opportunities in marketing-related fields and students who are presently working in business and desire to supplement their practical experience with an effective marketing education. Marketing, to some, may mean price, product, place, and promotion. To others, marketing means all that is involved in sales and distribution.

Potential occupations

Retail Management 

Retail/Wholesale Buyer 

Rental Sales Worker Supervisor and Manager 

Demonstrator and Product Promoter 

Insurance Agent 

Manufacturers’ and Wholesale Representative 

Mortgage Placer 


Director or Manager 

Travel Agent 

Contact Information

If you have questions about our degree programs, please contact us at 866.AT.TERRA, or 866.288.3772.

Amy Drongowski - Professor
Location: A-303F, Roy Klay Hall
Email: adrongowski01@terra.edu
Phone: 419.559.2118

Phil Weiker - Professor
Location: A-303E, Roy Klay Hall
Email: pweiker@terra.edu
Phone: 419.559.2396

Abby Meyer - Academic and Career Advisor
Location: A-100C, Roy Klay Hall
Email: ameyer02@terra.edu
Phone: 419.559.2347
Fax: 419.559.2414

You can also email us at admissions@terra.edu.

Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Thursday, November 15, 2018. Click on this link for more information. 

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