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Campus Safety at Terra State Community College

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The Campus Safety Department is a support service, charged with enforcing Terra State Community College policies and regulations while maintaining a safe and secure environment for the campus community. The department is staffed with a full-time Director and part-time Campus Safety Officers. 

The Campus Safety Department is located in the first floor of General Technologies Building office B-106. Campus Safety Department is staffed during normal business hours. Campus Safety Department has a close working relationship with the Fremont Police and Fire Departments. 

Campus Safety Officers are not police officers and do not maintain legal authority to arrest individuals. They do maintain the authority to detain any individual(s) if the need arises. 

The college encourages anyone who believes a crime or violation of college policy has occurred to report it to either the Fremont Police Department or Campus Safety Department. 

The Campus Safety Department’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Securing campus buildings and facilities 
  2. Responding to any emergency on campus 
  3. Responding to and investigate any campus fire alarm 
  4. Providing student, faculty/staff escorts on campus 
  5. Reporting and responding to campus maintenance situations 
  6. Enforcement of the Terra State Community Colleges policies and regulations 
  7. Maintaining a safe and secure environment for the campus community 

Mission Statement: 

The Campus Safety Department at Terra State Community College provides a safe and secure environment for all members of the Terra State Community College family, including students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.  The Office of Campus Safety supports student learning by ensuring a safe and secure environment on campus by enforcing the policies and regulations set by the college. 

Contact Information: 

Contact by phone at 419.559.2253 or 2253 from any campus phone. 

The Fremont Police Department can be reached at (419).332.6464 or 9.911 from any college telephone if it is an emergency.