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8. Campus Emergency Staff


The Chain of Command for emergency situations with campus-wide impact is:

  1. President (Dr. Jerome Webster)
  1. Vice President for Financial Affairs (Mr. Randy McCullough)
  1. Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs (Dr. Jennifer Spielvogel)
  1. Director Terra College Foundation (Dr. Cory Stine)
  1. Assistant Vice President for Administrative Affairs (Ms. Nanci Kosanka)
  1. Assistant Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services (Mr. Heath Martin)
  1. Academic Deans
  • Dean of Business, Humanities, and Industrial Technologies (Ms. Ellen Wardzala)
  • Dean of Allied Health, Nursing, and Human Services (Ms. Amy Anway)


In the event of temporary absence or sudden loss of presidential services, on behalf of President Jerome Webster:

The primary contact is Mr. Randy McCullough, Vice President for Financial Affairs.

The secondary contact is Dr. Jennifer Spielvogel, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Monday, May 21,, 2018. Click on this link for more information. 

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