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6. Declaration of Campus State of Emergency

The authority to declare a campus state of emergency rests with the College President (or his/her designee) as follows: 

  • During the period of any campus major emergency, Campus Safety, as needed, shall place into immediate effect the appropriate procedures necessary to meet the emergency, safeguard persons, property, and maintain educational facilities.
  • Campus Safety will immediately consult with the College President regarding the situation and the possible need for a declaration of a campus state of emergency. If the President is not available, Campus Safety will notify the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • When this declaration is made, only registered students, faculty, staff and affiliates are authorized to be present on campus. Those who cannot present proper identification (employee/student ID card or other ID) showing their legitimate business on campus, will be asked to leave. Unauthorized persons refusing to leave may be subject to arrest by law enforcement authorities.