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4. Definitions of Emergencies

The College President (or his/her designee) will serve as the overall Emergency Director during any major emergency or disaster. The following definitions of an emergency are provided as guidelines to assist determining the appropriate response: 

  • MINOR EMERGENCY:  Any incident, potential or actual, which will not seriously affect the overall functional capacity of the College. Report immediately to Campus Safety, dial 2253 or 2254 or 567-201-3162.
  • MAJOR EMERGENCY:  Any incident, potential or actual, that affects an entire building or buildings, and which will disrupt the over operations of the College. Outside emergency services will probably be required, as well as major efforts from campus support services. Substantial policy considerations and decisions will usually be required from the Campus Emergency Organization Team (Reference Page 13) during times of crises. The Campus Emergency Organization Team should contact Campus Safety at 2253 and report to Presidential Suite Area.
  • DISASTER: Any event or occurrence, which has taken place and has seriously impaired or halted the operations of the College. In some cases, personnel casualties and severe property damage may be sustained. A coordinated effort of all campus-wide resources is required to effectively control the situation. Outside emergency services will be essential. In all cases of disaster, the Campus Emergency Organization Team will be activated, and the appropriate support and operational plans will be executed.
  • OTHER: In addition, any incident, which has the potential for adverse publicity or a disruption to campus activities, should be promptly reported to the Campus Safety Officer on duty at 2253.


Cancelled Classes

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