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Terra Community College’s Student Clubs

Terra Community College is dedicated to helping students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to pursue new career opportunities in their field of study.  Not only are we committed to helping you grow professionally, we want to cultivate your personal growth as well. For that reason, Terra offers an assortment of student clubs that allow you to delve deeper into your interests and make new connections in the process.

Current Student Organizations 

  • Terra Astronomy Club - If you get excited when a new celestial object is discovered, Terra’s Astronomy Club is perfect for you. Learn more about Terra’s Astronomy Club.
  • Phi Theta Kappa - Phi Theta Kappa is an honorary scholastic organization for American community, junior and technical colleges. Learn more about Phi Theta Kappa.
  • Terra Christian Fellowship -Terra Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational ministry that focuses on the growth of Christian character. Learn more about Terra Christian Fellowship.
  • Terra Student Nurses Association - The purpose of the Student Nurses Association is to give students the chance to interact with our nursing faculty as well as the surrounding community. Learn more about the Student Nurses Association.
  • The Math Club - If you have a knack for math, this club is for you. The Math Club was designed to provide a fun forum for those that love to play with numbers. Learn more about the Math Club
  • Student Veterans of America – We appreciate the commitment that military students have made to our country. The Student Veterans of America was established to help veterans get acquainted with life on campus. Learn more about Student Veterans of America.
  • Create Your Own Organization – Don’t see a club that lines up with your interests? Then create one! Terra’s Office of Student Activities can help you form a club that relates to you. Learn more about the Create Your Own Organization Program.

Would you like to learn more about Terra Community College’s academic programs, clubs and activities? Contact us today