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2013-2014 Intramural Sports Calendar  

Ping Pong (Monday League) 

August 19: Registration Opens 

September 4: Registration Closes 

September 9: Regular Season Play Begins                                                      

September 16: Regular Season Play 

September 23: Regular Season Play Ends 

September 30: Championship Tournament 

 Ping Pong Rules and Registration Form 


Football (Thursday League) 

September 5: Registration Opens 

September 19: Registration Closes 

September 26: Regular Season Play Begins                                                     

October 10: Regular Season Play 

October 17: Regular Season Play Ends 

October 24: Championship Tournament 

  Football Rules and Registration Form


Bowling (Monday League) 

September 16: Registration Opens 

September 30: Registration Closes 

October 7: Bowl Off Begins                                                                           

October 14: Bowl Off 

October 21: Bowl Off Ends 


Interschool Classic 

November 1: Ping Pong, Football, & Bowling  


Kickball (Tuesday League) 

October 15: Registration Opens  

October 29: Registration Closes 

November 5: Regular Season Play Begins                                                       

November 12: Regular Season Play Begins 

November 19: Championship Tournament 


Pool (Monday League) 

January 13: Registration Opens 

January 21: Registration Closes 

January 27: Regular Season Play Begins                                                         

February 3: Regular Season Play 

February 10: Regular Season Play Ends 

February 17: Championship Tournament  


Volleyball (Tuesday League) 

January 28: Registration Opens 

February 11: Registration Closes 

February 18: Regular Season Play Begins                                                       

February 25: Regular Season Play 

March 4: Regular Season Play 

March 18: Regular Season Plan 

March 25: Championship Tournament 


Basketball League (Thursday League) 

January 30: Registration Open 

February 13: Registration Closes 

February 20: Regular Season Play Begins                                                       

February 27: Regular Season Play 

March 6: Regular Season Play 

March 20: Regular Season Plan 

March 27: Championship Tournament 


Interschool Classic 

April 4: Basketball & Volleyball                      


The Interschool Classic

This events pit teams from Terra Community College, Owens Community College, Bowling Green State University-Firelands and Northwest State Community College against each other in a variety of intramural sports each fall and spring.

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