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FAQ's Workforce Demand Scholarship

The Workforce Demand Scholarship is a unique opportunity for 2019 high school graduates choosing to major in a degree with high job demand. If you have a question not listed below, please contact us at admissions@terra.edu or 419.559.2349 so that we can help you understand your options.

How much is the Workforce Demand Scholarship?
This will vary from student to student, however the Workforce Demand Scholarship will pay the gap between the cost of tuition and general fees and all state and federal grants received by the student.

For example, the total cost of tuition and general fees for the fall and spring terms is $4296. If you receive a Pell grant in the amount of $2000, your scholarship is the difference in the amount of $2296.

Remember, books and other fee(s) (i.e. course, activity, and technology) are not covered by this scholarship program.

To qualify for this scholarship, do I have to enroll for the fall 2019 semester? 

Yes, this scholarship is awarded only to students who directly enroll at Terra State from high school.

Do I qualify for the scholarship if I leave Terra State for a semester and return at a later date? 

No, you must enroll full-time and attend consecutive fall and spring terms with no breaks. Enrolling in summer school is option but if you do enroll in summer school it counts towards one of your five semesters in which you’re eligible for this scholarship.

How do I maintain my scholarship? 

You are expected to enroll full-time and attend consecutive fall and spring terms with no breaks. At the conclusion of each semester you must achieve satisfactory academic progress by earning at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and have course completion rate of 68%.

Enrolling in summer school is optional. To be eligible for the scholarship during the summer semester you must enroll in at least six credit hours.