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COMPASS Testing for Career Tech and Adult Ed Programs

Welcome to the COMPASS Testing Help Page!

Are you getting ready to take the COMPASS placement test and want to know beforehand what to expect and what your scores will mean? Do you need to know how to make an appointment for a COMPASS test? Are you confused about how your COMPASS scores will affect your college going future? Have you or your child taken the COMPASS test and gotten the scores back but didn't know what they meant?  If you said yes to any of these statements this web page is for you.

What is a COMPASS placement test? Students primarily take the COMPASS test or anotherquestionguybox placement assessment in preparation for college. Career Technical program students will take the COMPASS test to see if they are prepared to take college courses as part of their program or to see how much their skills have improved after taking the program. Placement tests like COMPASS let colleges know what level of understanding you may have in English or writing, reading and mathematics. It lets them know if you are “college-ready”.

What does college-ready mean? Well it is pretty simple; it means that you are ready for college. It means that upon entering college you will succeed because you have a good understanding of all the college level concepts in English, reading and math.

Why is it important to be college-ready? Being college ready will make your transition from high to college a lot easier. Not to mention, if you are college ready you can save time, money and finish your degree faster. What do I mean save time and money, you might ask? If you do not have a good understanding of all the basic concepts in English, reading and math you will have to take remedial courses or “refresher” courses before you can take the actual college courses you need for your degree. College level courses count towards your degree, refresher courses generally do not and refresher courses are not free.

Ready to practice your COMPASS skills? Click on a test below and take one of our practice tests. 

green checkmark Math Practice Test         green checkmarkReading Practice Test         green checkmarkWriting Practice Test 


Ready to take the COMPASS test or need an appointment? Click here to schedule an appointment with Terra State Academic Service Center to take a test. Tests are scheduled by appointment only. Please note: Career Technical program students need to contact the career center where they are taking their program to schedule a COMPASS testing appointment.


Understanding your COMPASS test scores can be difficult but there is help! Check out our "Understanding COMPASS test scores" guide. Please note: Each college rates COMPASS scores differently; check with the college you plan on attending to see what scores they consider college-ready. 

Understanding COMPASS scores  


 clipboardlimeImportant Facts:        

  • You do not pass or fail the COMPASS test; instead your scores will be used to indicate what areas you are strong in and what areas you might be weak in and could improve on by taking remedial courses.
  • While COMPASS test scores are widely accepted, the college you plan on attending may have a different placement assessment.

Need additional help? Check out our COMPASS Resource page at: www.techprepnwo.org 


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