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Career Tech and Adult Workforce Education Program FAQ'S

Welcome to the Career Tech and Adult Education Programs Frequently Asked Questions Page!

Find the answers to questions most commonly asked about Terra State Community College's partnerships with Career Tech and Adult Ed programs below.


What is a Career Tech program (CT) or Adult Education program (AE)? Why should I enroll in one of these programs? 

Would you like to earn college credit while still in high school (CT)? Or have you already graduated from high school but are looking to improve your skills or start a new career (AE)? Career Tech and Adult Ed programs engage students in the use of the latest technology, practical laboratory projects and strong critical thinking assignments preparing them for today's in-demand careers. Terra State has partnered with area career centers and high schools that offer these programs to provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit as part of their program agreement. Not only can students earn articulated and/or career technical assurance guide (ctag) college credit they will save time and money since they will have already completed some of the courses needed if they decide to go for a college degree.

What are the Career Tech and Adult Ed program articulation agreement and articulated credit guidelines? 

You can find the guidelines here.


How to Enroll in a Program that offers Articulated Credit.

What career centers or high schools have CT or AE programs and what programs do they have? 

For a list of participating schools and their programs click here.

How do I enroll in a CT or AE program? 

Contact the career center or school which has the program you are interested in. They will help you with the application process. A lot of career centers and high schools have information about CT and AE on their web sites.

What is articulated (bilateral) college credit? 

Articulation agreements allow students to earn college credit for courses without taking them because students learn the information as part of their CT or AE program. College credit is awarded for the course(s) once the student completes eligibility requirements at Terra State.

What is CTAG (CT2) college credit? 

Certain CT and AE programs contain technical courses that qualify for Career Technical Assurance Guide credit according to a state initiative. Students who successfully complete these certain programs are eligible to receive technical college credit that can be used at Ohio public colleges and universities. For more information see the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) web site: Ohio Higher Ed-CTAG.

What if I change my mind and decide I don't want to continue my CT or AE program? 

This is a big decision. Talk to your instructors and see if they can offer some help and advice first. If you still decide to discontinue your program talk to the career center/school for more information.

After Completing My Program, What Do I Do Now? How to Get College Credit.

How do I get the college credit I worked so hard for? 

First, congratulations on your success! Next, ask your career center teacher for a copy of your agreement or you can look for it here.

What type of credit did you earn, articulated.....ctag? The type of credit may be listed on your agreement or you can ask your instructor.

If you earned articulated credit you need to petition Terra State for credit. But first you need to make sure you completed all the eligibility requirements.

If you earned transcripted (college credit plus) credit it will automatically be placed on your college transcript.

If you earned ctag credit you will have to petition the Ohio Board of Regents and Terra State for it using their verification form. You will have to get the actual form from your career center but here is a sample copy. For more information on what courses are eligible or basic CTAG information see the ODHE web site.

 Not sure what to do next?   

Find a helpful checklist here.


Student Eligibility and Credit Awarding Requirements:

Articulated Academic Credit 

  1. The student must have completed their Career Tech (CT) or Adult Education (AE) program with a grade of "B" or better.
  2. The student must enroll at Terra State within 2 calendar years after having graduated from their CT or AE program.
  3. The student must have completed an application for admission to Terra State; this includes submission of their official high school transcripts to Terra State.
  4. The student must schedule an appointment with a Terra State Admissions Advisor to petition for the articulated academic credit. During this appointment the student must provide evidence (passport, portfolio, certifications, licenses, competency profile etc.) that shows they have successfully completed their CT or AE program and all of the Terra State requirements. In some cases the student may also be required to take an examination.
  5. The student must complete the next higher level Terra State course in their degree pathway. The course needs to be taken after the student graduates from their CT or AE program.
  6. Articulated Academic Credit will be added to the student’s official transcript after completion of the next higher level course. A notation of “CR” will appear on the student’s college transcript next to those courses for which articulated credit has been accepted.
  7. In the event that a Terra State course taken as part of the student’s CT program during high school or AE program after high school was not a prerequisite for another Terra State course, articulated academic credit will be awarded upon the student’s completion of 3 semester credit hours at Terra State. The course taken to achieve the additional credit hours needs to be at the 1000 level or higher. The student must receive a “C” or better in the Terra State course. The additional credit hours need to be taken after the student graduates from their CT or AE program.
  8. All Articulated Academic Credit is granted at the discretion of the Dean of the content area.

Transcripted Academic Credit 

  1. Students in a CT program may enroll in Terra State course(s) concurrently as part of College Credit Plus while in their CT program at the discretion of the associated career center or high school and provided they have met Terra State course placement requirements. 
  2. CT students will be subject to the policies and procedures of Terra State, when participating in Terra State courses or when present at Terra State facilities. Reference the Student Responsibilities form. 
  3. Once the student has completed their CT program and their Terra State course(s) the student’s grades will be recorded on the student’s college transcript. 

How do I know what classes I need to complete my degree? 

There are so many options. But what is right for you? If you are planning on attending Terra State, we have some great Admissions Advisors that would be glad to help, just contact them to set-up an appointment. If you are planning on attending another college, call their Admissions department and they should be able to help.

How do I find out if my Terra State college credits will transfer to another college? 

While it is the student's responsibility to confirm whether credits earned at Terra State will be accepted by another college, Terra State has partnered with many colleges to make it easier for a student to transfer. Terra State has a Transfer Center, located within the Academic Service Center which offers a variety of resources and information for students to make informed transfer decisions.  Several regional four-year colleges and universities also have representatives available by appointment. Contact the Academic Service Center to find out what opportunities are available.

How do I get a copy of my college transcript? 

Students may request an official college transcript from the Terra State Student Records Department. There is a fee charged per transcript.

When/Where do I send my high school transcripts to Terra State? 

Current high school students must wait until after high school graduation to submit their transcripts. Transcripts can be mailed or hand delivered to Terra State Student Records Department, 2830 Napoleon Road, Fremont, OH 43420.

I don't know if I can afford to continue taking college classes towards my degree, is there any help for me? 

Yes! First making the decision to attend Terra State will definitely help your budget. We have online and evening classes for those students who need to work and go to school. You can go to school part-time as well, whatever fits best into your budget. Our Financial Service Advisors can help you complete a FASFA and direct you to scholarships and other things to reduce your out of pocket tuition costs. Contact the Financial Aid Office and see what is available.

Will anyone help me find a job? 

As a present or past student of Terra State we would be glad to have you work for us as a student worker, contact Career Services and find out what opportunities might be available. Need something a bit more permanent? Terra State's Career Service Advisors have many business contacts and can help guide you in the right direction. Contact Career Services today.

What if I have a disability or special needs? 

In college the student is responsible for identifying themselves and requesting accommodations for each course they are enrolled in. Its best if they do this BEFORE the course starts. Terra State's Counseling and Disabilities Center would be glad to help you get the accommodations that you need to excel in college!


Still have questions? Contact us:

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