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What is an Academic Inauguration?

 Celebrate Terra State 

What is an Academic Inauguration?

An inauguration is not just a formal installation ceremony, but also includes a series of events organized around the ceremony. Often built around a particular theme, an inauguration encompasses a series of public events that showcase the College or University to the citizenry each serves. These events provide opportunities for members of the college to celebrate all elements of the institution and move forward together.

These events serve to unite those with a stake in the future of the college, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, friends and donors. At Terra State, this celebration week honors established relationships, forges new partnerships and creates a common understanding of Terra State and a vision of its future. The Terra State Community College Inauguration is held in collaboration with a series of events and activities dedicated to “Celebrate Terra State!”

During this week Terra State will recognize the new leadership and direction set by the college’s sixth president, Dr. Jerome E. Webster, as well as initiate a new era in Terra State’s history by recalling the past and setting the stage for the future, celebrating Terra State’s traditions and intellectual, technological and creative talents.

As is tradition at colleges and universities, the ceremonial endowment of the presidential powers takes place some time during the year after the official appointment of a new president is made. Delegates from other academic institutions, along with faculty and staff are invited to participate as the inauguration acts not only as an opportunity for a college to look ahead to its future while honoring its traditions, but serves as an official recognition of a president's entrance into the nation's academic leadership.  

Though an inauguration is a standard ceremonial tradition with higher education institutions, it will be the first inauguration for Terra State Community College. The college is excited to now incorporate this important academic ritual into its culture and history with the installation of Dr. Webster.

The Inaugural Ceremony

While an inauguration is often made up of many different events, the focus of an inauguration ceremony is the official installation or investiture of the college’s new leadership. Sometimes called an installation or investiture ceremony, this ritual is the official act of the institution taking an historic step into its next chapter. The inaugural ceremony for Dr. Webster will be held on Friday, November 16, 2012, at 2 p.m. in the Student Activities Center (Building C).

During the ceremony the new president is formally endowed with the powers and responsibilities of the presidency. The ceremony gives the new president the opportunity to share a vision for the institution. Dr. Webster will be sharing his vision for the advancement of Terra State Community College in becoming a leader as a premier academic institution in Northwest Ohio.

The College Medallion

The medallion is a symbol of the office worn by the president on official and ceremonial occasions. The medallion is a replica of the official seal of the college. At Terra State, it is suspended with the names of the institution’s previous presidents or academic leaders. During the inauguration ceremony, the chairperson of the college’s board of trustees will present and place the medallion around the president’s neck, recognizing the official transfer of power of leadership as the college’s chief executive officer. The president will then wear the medallion at all future academic ceremonies, such as commencement and serving as a delegate representing the college in other ceremonial rituals.

Terra State Community College’s seal incorporates symbols that represent the areas of study as well as the concept of lifelong learning.

Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Thursday, February 4, 2016.    

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