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Cyber Security

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CAE Designation Letter 

Terra State Community College is designated as a National Center of Excellence in Cyber Defense as of 2017.   


Cyber security is a term that is effecting everyone today. In the workplace and at home we are faced with security issues and concerns that can change our lives. Terra State Community College is committed to educating its' graduates in the cyber defense field with our state-of-the-art Cyber Center, live virtual labs, industry guest lecturers, cloud computing, and National Cybersecurity Competitions.


Terra State is proud to have a knowledgeable advisory board to keep the curriculum current with industry standards and offers courses which meet industry level certifications to give our students an advantage over other graduates. Terra State is a proud member of the National CyberWatch Center. The Computer Information Technology department oversees the Cyber Defense Curriculum


The following courses must be completed to meet the Cyber Defense path: 

CIT1241 – Microcomputers

CIT1320 – Introduction to Scripting (Formerly known as CIT1310 Windows Scripting)

CIT1400 – Networking I

CIT2010 – Computer Security & Forensics 

CIT2200 – Database 

CIT2400 – Networking II

CIT2640 – Server Management


The following degree programs meets the criteria of being a Cyber Defense Program of Study: 

Associate of Applied Science Systems and Networking Support Major. All cyber defense courses listed above are included in this degree program

Associate of Applied Science Computer Information Systems. While it does not contain CIT2640 (Server Management), all outcomes are covered by the other cyber defense courses

Terra State Values Cyber Security 

As a Champion of Cyber Security, Terra State has not let this topic go unnoticed to for all students, staff and community members. 

Many courses at Terra State highlight cyber security issues. For example: 

Office Administration courses highlight identity theft and privacy and security issues online.

Health Information Technology courses highlight privacy and security in regard to medical records and HIPPA

American Government courses discuss electronic surveillance used in the intelligence community

Criminal Justice courses discuss technology and cybercrime in law enforcement

Computer Information courses discuss cyber security issues in every class

Community Outreach regarding cyber security issues has been a part of Terra State’s commitment for several years. Our faculty hosted a course for children Grades 5-8 on cyberbullying called “Cyber-Saints” and also presented seminars regarding Cyberbullying in the Workplace. Stay Safe Online tips were also released to the Student and Faculty Community via our Learning Management Platform Canvas.


Cyber Security Job Potential

Cyber security professionals are in high demand in the current job market. According to the 2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study, more than 1.5 million cyber security professionals are needed by 2020.


In such a fast changing industry, students need to be educated on the latest in cyber security techniques and defense mechanisms. To do this Terra State keeps classes up to date with the latest curriculum changes from NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education).


Cyber Security Resources

Updated November 22, 2016  


Department of Homeland Security - Cybersecurity 


National Institute of Standards and Technology 


US Department of Defense Cybersecurity Strategy 


National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 


InfoSec Learning Labs 


Cyber Security News

Updated November 22, 2016  



Terra State recognizes National Cyber Security Awareness Month - October 24, 2016



Building The Workforce through CyberSecurity Competitions - July 27, 2016

National Guard's Cybersecurity team to help keep Ohio election secure - November 2, 2016

The New CyberSecurity war takes Shape - November 11, 2016

NSA Chief Michael Rogers Talks Cybersecurity -  November 22, 2016 


Cyber Security Conferences, Competitions and Hackathons

Updated November 22, 2016 



MONDAY, November 27, 2016 9:30am-10:45am Terra State Community College, General Technologies Building, Tree Top Cafe

Learn about Computer Security From Terra State Students 



The CIFI North America - Toronto - November 30th - December 1, 2016

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SANS Security East 2017 - New Orleans, LA - January 9 - 14, 2017

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Major League Hacking - Multiple Dates in 2017 

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National Cyber League - Multiple Dates in 2017 

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Contact Information 


Haley Crabtree started her educational journey in computers in the 2000 as a Tech Prep student. She then continued her journey at the University of Toledo and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems with a Minor in Business Analytics. In her freshman year of college, she learned very quickly that data analytics and programming go hand in hand. Her first internship was at Hospital. During her internship she got her first experience with Computer Security. Securing users, setting user permission and security networks were three big topics on the forefront. She continued working IT for the next 5 years.


Although programming was her main job focus, security remained a vital part in keeping stakeholders information secure. In 2008 Mrs. Crabtree graduated in 2008 from Ashland University with a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management. Since beginning at Terra State in 2011, she has continued to educate herself in security related issues and developing the creative mind.


Haley Crabtree: Assistant Professor
Email: Hcrabtree01@terra.edu
Phone: 419.559.2314


Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Monday, May 21,, 2018. Click on this link for more information. 

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