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Gateway Programs - Last Chance at a High School Diploma

GATEWAY will now be in a new location. 

They are now located in the Adult Education Building at Vanguard-Sentinel Career Centers, 1306 Cedar Street, Fremont

GATEWAY has three programs: 

  • GATEWAY Program: This program is for adults between the ages of 18 and 21.  This student will receive a high school diploma from the school district in which he/she lives.  This student must be withdrawn from high school for a minimum of one year.
  • 5th Year Senior Program: This program is for the 18 year old, or older, student who did not graduate the previous year and is now considered a 5th year senior.  A 5th year senior may only attend GATEWAY through a reference from the home high school.
  • OGT Workshop and Testing: This workshop is for the student who needs to pass the OGT.  It is for the student over the age of 18 years old and who did not graduate due to failure of one or more Ohio Graduation Tests and/or Ninth Grade Proficiency Tests.  The workshop occurs three times a year and begins approximately six weeks before the OGT is administered.  OGT’s are administered in October, March, and June.  All testing may be done at GATEWAY or at the home school.

New this fall is an Adult Diploma Program serving adults 22 years or older who do not have either their high school diploma or GED. This program is also housed in the Adult Education Building at Vanguard.

For more information about the Gateway Programs, contact: 

Mary Lou Nellett
Gateway Program
Phone: 419.334.6901 ext. 2122