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Testing Center

Testing Services is located within the Academic Service Center in Building B, Room 105, and offers make-up testing, testing accommodations, and select testing for admission into the Terra State RN program.  Students may complete make-up tests, by appointment, in the Academic Service Center’s testing cubicles.     

Testing Services hours vary due to holidays and college closures, please visit the Academic Service Center for more information. 


Students, before you test, things to remember: 

  • It is YOUR responsibility to contact your instructor to discuss testing options and have a test placed in the Academic Service Center.
  • Make an appointment and don’t be late!  
    • If you are more than 10 minutes late you may lose your testing appointment (depending on space and time availability)!  
    • To complete a test submitted by your instructor, schedule an appointment to do so by calling the Academic Service Center 419-559-2109 or stopping by B-105.  

Students, the day of the test, things to remember: 

  • Bring your Terra ID! 
  • Tests must be completed within one sitting.  
  • Children are not allowed in the testing room (or unattended in the Academic Service Center). 
  • Personal belongings (including cell phones, iPods, purses, etc.) must be left in a car or secured in an ASC provided locker. 
  • No food or drink is allowed in the testing room. 
  • Hats of any kind may not be worn during testing. 
  • The ASC will not collect or distribute homework, take home tests, or other assignments. 
  • The Terra State Community College Student Code of Conduct will be enforced.  The Student Code of Conduct can be found here: http://www.terra.edu/deanofstudents/codeofconduct.html 

Instructors, things to remember:

  • You must complete the Test Monitor Request form (available in several locations throughout campus including B-105, division offices, and the Print Shop) and submit it and a copy of the test to be completed to the Academic Service Center (B-105) by hand or through inter-office mail. (Tests delivered by a student will not be accepted.) 
  • Please list all permissable materials on the Test Monitor Request Form. If an item is not listed on this form, it will not be allowed into the testing room with a student.
  • We are unable to accommodate entire classes, in one sitting or spread out over time, and is not to be utilized as a substitution for a class testing period.  
  • Final exams will not be administered except for those requiring accommodations or in extenuating circumstances. 
  • A minimum of 24 business hours is requested for tests needing disability services accommodations This will allow staff to acquire necessary accommodations (live reader, exam scanned into software, scribe, etc.), process, and file the test before the desired test start date.   
  • Exams requiring a Scantron or other answer sheet must have these items included.   
  • Exams will not be administered past the deadline date listed on the Test Monitor Request form (unless we are given written or verbal permission by you to do so). 
  • We will only accept and retain exams that are to be administered in the Academic Service Center.  Any non-exam related material (e.g. homework, assignments, and letters) will not be accepted or retained and must be delivered by students to faculty through their respective division offices or campus mail.   
  • Tests will not be provided to a student to return to an instructor after completion. 

A proctored testing area is available for distance learning students from other institutions through the library, please call 419-559-2318 for more information.

Compass Placement Testing is scheduled thrrough the Admissions and Enrollment Services office, please call 419-559-2349 for more information.

For additional information or to schedule a testing appointment, contact: 
Academic Service Center-Testing Center at 419-559-2109 | testing@terra.edu | or stop by: B – 105