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What if...


What if...

I took a class or two this summer? 

There are many benefits to taking summer classes, including the ability to use financial aid. We can think of many reasons to attend Terra State this summer but our students say it best!

"I want to focus on one challenging course this summer so it can have my undivided attention."  

"I wanted to lighten my course load for this fall and spring!" 

"I like getting my electives out of the way so I can focus on my program courses." 

"I received a scholarship for the summer." 

"I like the small class size and the fact that everyone in the class is committed to succeeding." 

So what's stopping you? Registration is now open and classes are starting to fill.   

Be one of the first 500 students to register for summer classes and you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 CollegeStore gift card.