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FAQs Mortuary Science Pathway

Are there special admissions requirements for the TSCC AIS Degree in Pre-Mortuary Science program? 

Yes, qualified applicants must provide official transcripts of prior learning or submit placement assessment scores indicating preparedness to take college-level English, reading, and math courses. Remediation plans may be developed for incoming students who have not achieved college level math scores.

When does TSCC enroll students into the AIS degree program? 

Enrollment occurs twice annually, in the fall and in the spring. A maximum of 25 students are accepted each semester's cohort. Be sure to apply and register early due to space being limited.

Is this pathway just for Ohio residents? 

No, this program is for anyone interested in mortuary science. In fact, out-of-state tuition is very competitive. Click here for more information about tuition and fees.

Since this AIS is an online program, will I ever need to come to the Terra State campus? 

No. This program is 100 percent online, from the voucher option to take the placement assessment at an approved off-site testing location, to the option of corresponding with your academic and career advisor over the phone or online. However, you are welcome to visit our beautiful campus at any time.

Is there a positive job outlook for funeral services professionals? 

Absolutely. As the baby boomer generation enters into retirement, the need for qualified funeral service professionals continually increases. According to the Occupation Outlook Handbook, overall employment projections will increase over the next decade.  The median wage for funeral service professionals fluctuates based on geographic location and other factors, which you may find by visiting the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at www.bls.gov.  

Will the CCMS Bachelor of Mortuary Science qualify me to become licensed in my state? 

Yes. Although licensing requirements are governed by each state individually, the regionally and professionally accredited CCMS academic programs meet or exceed each state licensing board’s educational standards and requirements.

Are my TSCC and CCMS degrees transferable to other colleges? 

Yes. Both degrees are regionally accredited and therefore transferable to any other college or university in the nation.