Nancy Sattler

Nancy Sattler

Adjunct Faculty Mathematics


  • Doctor of Philisophy (PhD) in Higher Education with a minor in Educational Technology & Research and Measurement - University of Toledo
  • Master of Education with an emphasis in Post-Secondary Mathematics - University of Toledo
  • Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics - University of Toledo

Professional organizations:

  • American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) - Past President and Facebook administrator
  • Ohio Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (OhioMATYC) - Historian and Facebook administrator
  • Joint Committee for Women in Mathematical Sciences - Board member, webmaster, and Facebook administrator
  • Ohio Mathematics and Science Coalition - Treasurer, webmaster and Facebook administrator
  • Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
  • Ohio Section MAA

Publications or Presentations:

  • The Implication of Math Placement Testing on the Two Year College (Thesis), 1988
  • Applied Math for Industrial Technologies, 1989
  • Decimals, Fractions, & Whole Numbers, 1994
  • The Basics of Using the TI-85 Graphing Calculator, 1995
  • Practical Applications in Business & Engineering Using the TI-85 Graphing Calculator,1996
  • Co-Author Math & Science Made Easy, 1992
  • The Metric System, Preparing for the Future, 1992
  • Distance Learning Guide For MTH 135, 1998
  • Distance Learning Guide For MTH 136, 1998
  • Teacher perceptions of interactions in on-line developmental mathematics courses at the two-year college (Dissertation), 2004
  • American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. (2007)
  • Beyond Crossroads: Implementing Mathematics Standards in the First Two Years of College, Memphis, TN: Author. (section writer)
  • Time to Re-evaluate: Am I Implementing the Standards? 2007, In The AMATYC Review 28(2)
  • AMATYC Members offer their perceptions of interactions that occur in developmental mathematics courses, 2005, In The AMATYC Review 27(1)
  • Pre-service Teachers find Top 11 Websites, 2013 In AMATYC News 28(2).
  • Grine, M., Palack, T. & Sattler, N. (2009. A Student-Centered Approach to Distance Learning, League of Innovation Annual Conference. Detroit, MI. 
  • Sattler, N. (2004, Nov. 19). Successful Interactions Used in On-Line Developmental Mathematics Courses at 2-year Colleges. AMATYC Annual Conference. Orlando, FL. 
  • Sattler, N. (2013, April). The Common Core State Standards: What does it mean to Community College Faculty? OhioMATYC meeting. 
  • Sattler, N. (2013). International Perspective on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics, Ohio Mathematics & Science Coalition spring meeting. Columbus, OH.
  • Sattler, N., Steenken, W. G., Walker-Glenn, M. (2014, May). High Stakes Tests in the time of Common Core State Standards. Ohio Mathematics and Science Coalition Spring Meeting. Columbus: OH.
  • Sattler, N. (2014, June). A time for change: Equity through the use of technology. TODOS: Mathematics for All Bi-annual conference invited speaker. Phoenix, AR.
  • Sattler, N. (2015). Planning for Diversity through the Use of Technology. National Association of Developmental Education National Conference invited speaker.
  • Sattler, N. (2015, April). How to Engage Students in an e-Learning Environment. National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Annual Conference invited speaker.
  • Sattler, N. (2014, April). Collaborate to Educate: Creating a Professional E-Learning Community. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference invited speaker.
  • Sattler, N. (2015). Recreational Math: What's That? National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • Sattler, N. (2016). Technology: There will Always Be Change. International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME 13). Hamburg, Germany.

Why did you enter the teaching profession?

Kathy McCabe, a friend, suggested that I apply for teaching at Terra State. She was an adjunct faculty member teaching English at that time. I applied and was accepted. The rest, as they say, is history!

What do you like most about your field?

I love teaching and love mathematics. I am a past president of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) and am very interested in student success. I am the co-chair of an AMATYC document that discusses implementing standards in teaching. Many students are afraid of mathematics, I like being able to help students realize that mathematics is part of their every day lives and that they can do mathematics!

Fun facts:

I enjoy gardening and canning. I also enjoy sewing and making quilts. In my spare time I like to read mysteries.