Andrew Shella

Dr. Andrew Shella

Dean of Technology and Skilled Trades DivisionTechnology and Skilled Trades


  • Doctor of Philosophy, PhD - University of Toledo
  • Master of Arts - Cleveland State University 
  • Bachelor of Science - Bowling Green State University

Professional organizations:

  • Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Exam Reader 
  • National Math and Science Initiative, Presenter and Mentor

Why did you enter the teaching profession?

I enjoy teaching. It is the first job that I looked forward to doing each morning.

What do you like most about your field?

The interdisciplinary nature of environmental science keeps me interested and engaged. There is always more or some new aspect to learn.

Fun facts:

I am not a stereotypical "tree hugger" environmentalist. I am more of a conservationist/wildlife management environmentalist. In my free time, I enjoy pheasant hunting, shooting sports, and volunteering at Fitchville Conservation League.