Acceptable Use Policy

What is the Computer Services Acceptable Use Policy at Terra State?

  1. By logging into Terra State’s network, you agree to this Acceptable Use Policy. Logging into Terra State’s network includes but is not limited to the following: campus computers, your personal laptop on the wireless network, your official Terra State email, your student portal, and your course portal.
  2. On-campus computers and resources are provided for Terra State students and employees, with valid Terra State IDs on their person.
  3. CONDITIONS FOR USE (Zero Tolerance Policy): For the well being of all students and employees using this facility, the following "Zero-Tolerance Policy" has been enacted.
    • Accessing, transmitting, or otherwise making use of pornographic materials of any kind available over the Internet is not permitted.
    • Distribution of obscene, abusive, or threatening messages via electronic media, such as e-mail, instant messaging or electronic bulletin boards, is not permitted.
    • Accessing, transmitting, or otherwise making use of "hate-group" or materials of any kind available over the Internet that may cause discomfort to any racial or ethnic group is not permitted.
    • Copying, storing, displaying or distributing copyrighted material (including software) in any medium, or to prepare derivative works of such material, without the express permission of the copyright owner, except as otherwise allowed under copyright law, is not permitted.
    • Destruction or theft of Terra State Community College equipment is not permitted.
    • Violation of any of the above policies the first time will result in immediate forfeiture of computer access privileges. A second violation will result in formal disciplinary proceedings, which may include suspension or expulsion (students), or termination (employees).
  4. I will comply with all federal, state and other applicable law. Examples of such laws, rules, policies, contracts and licenses include the laws of libel, privacy, copyright, trademark, obscenity, and child pornography; the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which prohibit “hacking”, “cracking”, and similar activities; the college’s code of student conduct; and all applicable software licenses. Users who engage in electronic communications with persons in other states or countries or on other systems or networks should be aware that they may also be subject to the laws of those other states and countries and the rules and policies of those other systems and networks.
  5. I will use College owned SYSTEMS [from herein SYSTEM(S) refers to a computer, computer system, computer network, email mailbox, information storage media, peripheral equipment, phone system or its components] for legitimate College instructional use, faculty research, or administrative purposes only. I will not use College SYSTEMS for personal gain.
  6. I will not attempt to circumvent College computer security systems. This includes installing on the network unauthorized network devices and network services such as network protocol analyzers, packet sniffing software, wireless access points, Internet address resolution servers, file or communications servers, routers, or switches.
  7. I understand that each SYSTEM account is assigned to a specific individual who is responsible for it. I will not let anyone else (including family) use this SYSTEM account. I am responsible for everything that happens under my SYSTEM account and will notify the College if I suspect anyone else has used my SYSTEM account.
  8. I will not divulge my SYSTEM password to anyone. It is my responsibility to keep my SYSTEM password secret. I will also be sure nobody is observing when I enter my password into a machine or when my password is displayed on a screen. I will change my SYSTEM password immediately if I think somebody else may know my password. I will follow Terra’s Strong Password Policy. Any attempt to determine the passwords of other users by means of password cracking software or any other means is strictly prohibited.
    1. Strong Password Policy - 

      Terra State Community College enforces a strong password policy in order to help you protect your personal data. Identity theft is a serious threat today and historically has been the fastest growing crime in the US. Your portal contains personal information that would make you a target for identity theft, therefore, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to protect it. Your username and password are the main defenders of this vital information, so creating a strong password is your best defense.

      The first and foremost rule is that your password should not be something that someone can guess. In over 25 percent of reported identity theft cases, the victim knew the thief. How many people know your pet's name, your favorite color or your kids' names? How many times do you use a password like this?

      The next rule is that the password should be complex to prevent software packages from guessing it using a brute force attack. These brute force programs can crack a password that is a dictionary word in a matter of seconds. So a strong password combined with account locking after five incorrect login attempts will protect your account.

  9. I will not attempt to access, modify, or delete any other user's files on any SYSTEM.
  10. I am responsible for backing up my data to my own storage media or to the network storage allocated to me.
  11. If I am using on-campus computers for playing games or participating in personal chat programs, I will yield the machine to a student who needs to use it for legitimate classroom work.
  12. All SYSTEM accounts, which will expire, along with the files in the home share of the expired accounts will be deleted. Currently the expiration for SYSTEM accounts, with the exception of full-time staff, is one year but is subject to change by college administration.
  13. Electronic Mail Usage
    • Fraudulent, harassing or obscene messages and/or materials are not to be sent, printed, requested or stored.
    • Any improper use of e-mail resources, such as congestion of e-mail systems that would deprive others of access is prohibited.
    • The content and maintenance (deleting old mail) of an e-mail mailbox is the responsibility of the person to whom the e-mail account is assigned. Check your e-mail often and remove messages that are no longer needed. Old messages can be downloaded to a personal disk or printed for future reference.
    • Any communication that violates Terra Community College’s policies and/or local, state or federal law and regulations is prohibited.
  14. I understand that the College and/or its employees are not liable for any accidental loss of data.
  15. While Terra State makes every effort to maintain the security of its systems, no guarantee of privacy can be made for electronically stored information or e-mail.
  16. I understand the College monitors SYSTEM use; keeps and audits detailed records of computer sessions and the contents of SYSTEM storage.
  17. I understand Terra State reserves the right to access, monitor and disclose the contents and activity of an individual user's account(s) and to access any college-owned SYSTEM. This action may be taken to maintain the network's integrity and the rights of others authorized to access the network. Additionally, this action may be taken if the security of a SYSTEM is threatened, other misuse of college resources is suspected, or the college has a legitimate business need to review such files (e.g., due to sudden death or incapacity of the employee). This action will be taken only after obtaining approval from the appropriate administrators, when compelled by court order, or when there is deemed to be an urgent and compelling need to do so.
  18. I will abide by policies and procedures as posted in hard copy and/or electronically by the College.
  19. Terra State Community College reserves the right to change the policies, information, requirements and procedures, announced in this policy, at any time. Changes required by college contractual commitments shall be effective and binding to users upon execution of any such contract by the university. A user shall be deemed to have accepted and be bound by any change in college policies, information, requirements or procedures if such user uses a SYSTEM at any time following announcement or publication of such change.
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