Interactive Media Certificate

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Interactive Media Certificate

Interactive Media Certificate

An Interactive Media Certificate student uses design skills and technology to produce content used in video production and on websites, audio content, special effects, and basic design elements such as business cards, newsletters and letterhead. A person can obtain entry-level employment in this field with a certificate. In addition, the certificate seeking student will have good computer troubleshooting skills and be familiar with digital media software programs, such as Dreamweaver, Premiere and InDesign, all which are taught as part of this certificate program.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how concepts, design, and technology work together to communicate with audiences
  • Design, create, and manipulate digital communication
  • Understand the importance of visual, graphic and textual communication
  • Produce engaging interactive programs
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Potential Occupations

  • Multimedia Production Technician
  • Digital Media Developer
  • Production Assistant (PA)
  • Web Content Developer
  • Media Coordinator
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