Associate Degree

Industrial Supervision Degree (AAB)

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Industrial Supervision Degree (AAB)

Industrial Supervision Degree

Business Management involves setting goals for a business and then coordinating the human, financial, physical, and informational resources of that industry to meet those goals. The Business Management program is designed to develop the skills needed to help individual managers prepare for today’s changing business environment.

The Industrial Supervision major provides a well-rounded background in team processes, customer service, auditing, process improvement, organizational behavior, lean manufacturing, and business ethics.

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    Associate Degree

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 Based on data for Industrial Production Managers


Learning Outcomes

  • Apply appropriate technology for business communication, computation, and presentation.
  • Analyze the changing contemporary business environment.
  • Distinguish and explain the primary function within business such as management, human resources, business law, marketing, and accounting to achieve organizational goals.
  • Explain individual and organizational behavior within teams and contemporary business environments. 
  • Analyze process and system improvements in business and industry.
  • Explain the role of customer service and requirements within the changing contemporary business environment.

Potential Occupations

  • Facility Manager
  • General Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Industrial Production Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Production Advisor
  • Quality Advisor


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