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Computer Information Systems Degree (AAS)

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Computer Information Systems Degree (AAS)

Computer Information Systems Degree

The Computer Information Systems Degree is designed for students who have a preference for structure, logic, and detail. Computers are used in almost every business, industry, and profession. Excellent opportunities exist for individuals who are goal-oriented and who possess programming language and operating skills.

Students in this program are highly motivated, organized, logical, willing to commit themselves to tasks, and complete projects on time without close supervision. Graduates of the Computers and Information Systems program learn several state-of-the-art computer languages and are exposed to program development tools, including the use of fourth-generation and web-based development tools.

* Program of Study Validated 03/27/2023 as a Cyber Defense Associate-Technical

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 Based on data for computer systems analysts

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Learning Outcomes

  • Design and Code and develop both windows and Web-based application components.
  • Create and implement a plan to install, configure and troubleshoot multiple computer operating systems.
  • Design and develop a relational database conforming to 3rd normal form rules and including binary relationships.
  • Create and implement a plan to install, configure, and troubleshoot networking hardware and software.
  • Analyze the structure of an organization and describe the possible roles of the IT professional within the organization.
Potential Occupations icon

Potential Occupations

  • Programmer
  • Computer Operator
  • System Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Database Administrator
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