Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

The Terra State Community College (TSCC) Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is comprised of specific faculty, staff, and administrative members and has been developed to promote a safe environment for the campus community that is focused on enhancing student learning and student development.

TSCC BIT Objective

The Behavioral Intervention Team is a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to serve five major functions for the College:

  • Provide consultation and support to members of the College community in assisting individuals who display concerning or disruptive behaviors.
  • Respond to reports, gather information to assess situations involving individuals who display concerning or disruptive behaviors; engage reported individuals in a process aimed at correcting the disturbing behavior.
  • Recommend appropriate intervention strategies or disciplinary sanctions.
  • Connect individuals with needed campus and community resources.
  • Monitor ongoing behavior of individuals who have displayed disruptive or concerning behavior.

What to Report

  • Rudeness or insubordination
  • Classroom disruption
  • Drunkenness or under the influence of drugs
  • Threating words of actions
  • Writings that convey clear intentions to harm self or others
  • Hazing
  • Flat affect (emotionless)
  • Overdose
  • Illegal activity
  • Self-injurious behavior
  • Social media postings that are direct and explicit
  • Suicidal threats, gestures, ideation, or attempts
  • Paranoia or delusional behavior
  • Acts motivated by hatred or discrimination

What happens when you report an incident?

A report or question to the BIT activates a process of information gathering, assessment and intervention aimed at responding to the situation in a proactive, preventive and caring manner in order to restore a safe and positive learning environment. The information gathering and assessment process will determine the need for intervention and the choice of intervention strategies that may be applicable.

Ways to Report

The following are ways to report an incident to the BIT:

  • Fill out the Student of Concern page
  • Go to Report a Concern page on
  • Click "Report a student of concern" and fill out the boxes completely.
  • The BIT team will reach out once the report has been viewed in one to two days.

In the event of an immediate threat, call 911 first, then Campus Security at 419.559.2253

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