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It only takes a few minutes to get started! Are you a brand-new college student or have you taken classes at another institution? Each student type has slightly different goals and therefore require different things to be successful at Terra State.

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New First-Time College Student

I graduated from high school or earned a GED but have never attended another college before (this does not include college classes taken as a high school student as part of the College Credit Plus program).

Transfer Student

I took classes as an adult at another college and would like to pursue my degree or certificate at Terra State.

Guest Student

I am currently attending another college and would like to attend Terra State for one or two classes, but I do not plan on transferring to Terra State.

Apprentice Student

I am currently employed and my employer will be funding my education as part of an apprenticeship program through Terra State.

Senior Citizen Student

I am a senior citizen who is interested in taking courses at Terra State and have resided in Ohio for at least one year.

Non-Credit Student

I am a community member who is interested in taking non-credit classes at Terra State for professional development, for enrichment, or for fun!

Reverse Transfer

I took classes at Terra State before and then transferred to a four-year institution without completing my Associates degree. I would like to transfer my credits from my four-year institution back to Terra State to earn my Associates Degree retroactively.

Not only was I able to earn a Manufacturing Engineering Associate Degree I also made a lot new friends.

~Rosa Ocha 

How can I afford Terra State?

We may be able to help. In fact, over 70% of our students receive some type of financial aid.

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How can we help?

Terra State has several Admissions representatives that are here to make the process easy! We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

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