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Terra State Community College Administration

Do you need to get in touch with one of the campus directors? To reach a Terra State administrator, call or email via the contact information below or call 866.AT.TERRA (866.288.3772) and follow the automated instructions.


 Jerome Webster - President
 Location: B-207 General Technologies Building
 Email: jwebster01@terra.edu
 Phone: 419.559.2326

Ron Schumacher 

 Ron Schumacher - Senior Vice President
 Location: B-205 General Technologies Building
 Email: rshuma01@terra.edu
 Phone: 419.559.2355


 Randall McCullough - Vice President for Financial Affairs
 Location: B-209 General Technologies Building
 Email: rmccullough01@terra.edu
 Phone: 419.559.2353


 Dr. Jennifer Spielvogel - Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
 Location: B-207 General Technologies Building
 Phone: 419.559.2266


 Nanci Kosanka - Assistant Vice President for Administrative Affairs
 Location: B-208 General Technologies Building
 Email: nkosanka@terra.edu
 Phone: 419.559.2465


 Heath Martin - Assistant Vice President for Student & Enrollment  Services
 Location: A-100 Roy Klay Hall
 Email: hmartin01@terra.edu
 Phone: 419.559.2350


 Amy Anway - Dean of Allied Health, Nursing, and Human Services
 Location: D-219A Marsha S. Bordner Arts and Health Technologies Center
 Email: aanway01@terra.edu
 Phone: 419.559.2371

Cory Stine 

 Dr. Cory Stine - Dean of Business, Humanities, and Industrial  Technologies
 Location: D-219A Marsha S. Bordner Arts and Health Technologies Center
 Email: cstine@terra.edu
 Phone: 419.559.2147


 Jeffery Huffman - Director, Campus Safety and Evening Operations
 Location: F-105 Maintenance and Receiving
 Email: jhuffman01@terra.edu
 Phone: 419.559.2257