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Transfer to a Four-Year Degree

The Transfer Center, located within the Academic Service Center in Building B, Room 105 offers a variety of resources and information for students to make informed transfer decisions. Several regional four-year colleges and universities also have representatives available by appointment.

With the rising costs of education, students are concerned about transferability of their credits. Students want to know if the classes they take will transfer to another institution of higher education as they continue to advance their education. To offset some of the college related expenses is important. A great way to save money is to start your four-year degree at Terra State Community College!

At Terra State, we have created a seamless path to your four-year programs for traditional and non-traditional college students. Anytime a student takes a course and utilizes the Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) or Ohio Transfer Module (OTM), the student is guaranteed that the course will transfer to another Ohio public institution.

As an institution, Terra State has created “articulation agreements” with other institutions of higher learning to help bridge any program gaps to make your transfer easy! Many of our articulated institutions have created a path, which concentrates on affordability. For instance, some universities have the following paths:

  • 3 + 1 - Consists of 3 years at Terra and 1 year at university
  • 2 + 2 – Consists of 2 years at Terra and 2 years at university
  • Dual agreement – Go to Terra and the university at the same time

Terra State has also created path to transfer for high school students. Today’s juniors and seniors have several options to jumpstart their education. They can enroll as Post-Secondary students (PSEO) and gain credits that not only contribute to their high school courses, but also allow them to gain college credits along the way. Other high school students may choose to enroll in a Career Center. Enrollment in the Career Center allows the student to gain their high school credits and college credits at the same time. Upon completion of their program, they can enroll at Terra State, complete one 3 credit hour course and receive agreed-upon credits.

For more information regarding credit transfer, please contact the Transfer and Articulation Coordinator at 419.559.2374. Let us help you achieve your dream of a four-year degree!

Whether you are getting your Associate’s Degree or taking courses to transfer to a four-year institution, Terra has many resources to help make your transition smooth.

  • Ohio Board of Regents - Find out more about how the courses you take at Terra will transfer to any public Ohio colleges and university. Other information available includes Transfer Assurance Guides (TAG) and Ohio Transfer Module (OTM).
  • Transfer Excellence Incentive - Learn more about student-transfer grants to BGSU or Heidelberg University.
  • TRANSFEROLOGY - Can help you unofficially explore how your courses might transfer to many four-year colleges and universities.
  • Visiting Colleges & Universities - Bowling Green State University, Tiffin University, Spring Arbor University, University of Toledo, and Heidelberg University all have regularly scheduled advisors at Terra State! You can make an appointment to meet with them or find a schedule of visiting universities from the Academic Service Center front desk.
  • Articulation agreements – For more information about articulation agreements offered by Terra State and its partner universities and colleges contact Sister Patricia Carter - spcarter@terra.edu - 419.559.2374. Let us help you achieve dream of a four-year degree!

For additional information or to schedule a Transfer advising appointment, contact:
Academic Service Center at 419.559.2109 | 419.559.2139 / spcarter@terra.edu | or stop by: General Technologies Building, Room B105.

Transfer and Articulation Agreements

Below you will find the articulation agreements Terra State Community College currently holds with a variety of institutions to facilitate the transfer of credits to a number of four-year degree programs.

If you are a student seeking information about transferring to another institution, please make an appointment with the Transfer and Articulation Coordinator in the Academic Service Center 419.559.2374 and/or speak to a representative from the institution you are interested in.

Every month representatives from various colleges visit our campus in order to speak with students. Transfer policies vary by institution. Please contact the University representative directly to discuss the best path to Transfer. Be sure to discuss your plan as soon as possible to ensure a trouble-free transition.

College Date Sign Date Completed Programs Type of Agreement To Be Renewed
Antioch College 10/1/2013 10/1/2013 Business, BA-Arts in Management 2+2 2016
Ashford University 11/2/2011 11/12/2011 General Articulation 2+2 2016
Ashland University 10/20/2015 10/20/2015 Nursing 2+2 2018
Bluffton University 11/9/2011 11/16/2011 BA-Music Education, BA-Music, BA-Music Technology 2+2 2016
Bowling Green State University 1/25/2012 8/1/2014 General Articulation, Digital Arts, Media Design (Web Design), 3D Animation, Construction, Early Childhood 2+2 2016
Chamberlain University 1/25/2012 1/25/2012 BS-Nursing 2+2 2016
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science 8/6/2015 8/13/2015 BA-Mortuary Science 2+2 2016
DeSales University 10/5/2011 8/22/2013 Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Finance, Human Resource, International Business, Management, Marketing, Psychology, Theology, and Health Care Administration and Nursing 2+2 2016
Excelsior University 4/24/2013 5/2/2013 Nursing, Marketing, and Music/Business online 2+2 2016
Franklin University 10/1/2013 10/20/2011 AA, AS, AAS-Criminal Justice, Business, and Nursing 3+1 2016
Heidelberg University 11/21/2011 11/21/2011 BA-Early Childhood 2+2 and dual enrollment 2016
Heidelberg University 12/6/2011 12/12/2011 Education, BA-Business 2+2 and dual enrollment 2016
Heidelberg University 3/12/2011 3/14/2011 BA-Economics, BA-Accounting, BS-Health Services, Bachelor Music and BA-Music, BS-Chemistry and Biochemistry, BS-Biology and Environmental Science 2+2 and dual enrollment 2016
Herzing University 10/20/2015 10/20/2015 Computer Information 2+2 2018
Herzing University 10/20/2015 10/20/2015 BS of Science in Technology Mgt. 2+2 2018
Lourdes University 10/22/2013 10/13/2013 Nursing 2+2 2016
Lawrence Tech. University 10/26/2012 10/26/2012 Robotics 2+2 2016
Malone University 1/5/2013 1/5/2013 Nursing 2+2 online 2016
Mercy College of Ohio 11/2/2011 11/2/2011 Healthcare Administration and Nursing 2+2 2016
Ohio University 2013 varies- 2013-2015 Nursing RN to BSN, BS in Applied Management, Bachelor of Criminal Justice 2+2 2016
Strayer University 3/20/2013 3/20/2013 Business 2+2 online 2016
Spring Arbor University 2/12/2012 8/1/2011 Bachelor Social Work 2+2 Social Work instructed at Terra 2016
Spring Arbor University 2/12/2012 2/12/2012 Organizational Management and Nursing 2+2 Social Work instructed at Terra 2016
Thomas Edison University 11/21/2011 11/21/2011 Nuclear Power 2+2 2016
Tiffin University 11/21/2011 11/21/2011 Organizational Management, Business, Criminal Justice 2+2; concurrent; and dual enrollment 2016
University of Cincinnati 7/20/2013 8/11/2013 Business, Nursing, and Criminal Justice 2+2 online 2016
University of Phoenix 8/12/2013 8/12/2013 Health Information Prog. and Nursing 2+2 2016
*University of Toledo     Pending in talk stages  



2+2 Agreement 2 year at a community college and 2 years at a university.
3+1 3 years at a community college and 1 year at a university
Dual Enrollment A form of enrollment that enables a student to earn both high school and college credits for a course during high school as a result of participating in a college course offered at the high school, at a college or university, or via distance learning.
Concurrent Enrollment The form of enrollment occurs when an adult student is enrolled in two post-secondary educational institutions at the same time, receiving education programs, services and/or benefits from each.
Reverse Transfer Students attending a four year university can come back to a 2 year college and receive an associate degree.
Note Nationally, the term "concurrent enrollment" is used to describe dual credit opportunities between high schools and higher education institutions; however in Ohio the term "dual enrollment" is used to describe partnerships between secondary and post-secondary education.
Note The (*) means still pending articulation agreements.