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Welding Technology

Program of Study

The Welding Technology program offers instruction in a wide range of topics, from oxyfuel and plasma arc cutting applications to advanced courses in pipe welding.

With the increased use of sophisticated welding equipment and exotic commercial alloys, a need exists for technicians who can coordinate the efforts of the highly skilled welder and the welding engineer. The person performing this function must be broadly educated in welding theory, processes, symbols and prints, codes and standards, metallurgy, mathematics, and science. Terra’s Associate in Applied Science degree program is structured to provide this background.

A well-equipped laboratory supports the theoretical instruction with hands-on instruction in the modern welding processes.

The faculty has identified the following Learning Outcomes for all graduates:

  • Correctly apply and interpret welding symbols and prints.
  • Select proper welding processes, equipment, accessories, and follow appropriate welding procedures required to manufacture or fabricate materials in accordance with engineering design.
  • Develop a high degree of knowledge and skill in selecting and utilizing the major welding processes in all four welding positions on a variety of commercial ferrous and nonferrous alloys on sheet, plate, tubing, and/or piping, as well as other structural shapes requiring welding.
  • Utilize industrial codes, standards, and specifications whenever and wherever they apply to specific jobs or projects.
  • Be familiar with destructive testing methods and how they are used to verify engineering design data and qualify/certify materials, processes, procedures, and the personnel responsible for performing them.
  • Be familiar with nondestructive testing methods and how they are used to determine the soundness of materials, components, and engineered products.
  • Be knowledgeable in welding metallurgy and heat treating principles and how they apply to the modern day workforce.


  • Welder/Fabricator
  • Millwright
  • Welding T–echnician
  • Welding Inspector
  • Welder/Pipe Fitter



Course  Course Name  Credit Hours 
EET 1050 Electricity 3
MFG 1020 Safety 1
MFG 1080 Materials 3
QCT 1020 Blueprint Reading 2
WET 1145 SMAW Theory and Lab 3
WET 2435 GMAW and GTAW Welding Theory 2
WET 2445 GMAW Welding Lab 2
WET 2455 GTAW Welding Lab 2
WET 2660 Advanced Materials Joining Systems 3
WET 2670 Welding Codes and Procedures 3
  *Technical Elective 3
  *Pipe Welding Elective OR 2
EBE 2980 Cooperative Education Seminar and 1
WET 2980 Cooperative Work Experience 1
  Total Technical Credit Hours 31


Course  Course Name  Credit Hours 
GEN 1000 First-Year Seminar 1
CAD 1110 CAD I 3
CIT 1090 Computer Fundamentals 3
Choose One: ENG 1050 College Composition I or ENG 1020 3/5
ENG 1900 Technical Writing for Business and Industry 3
MGT 2300 Process Improvement and LEAN Manufacturing 3
MTH 1150 Math for the Trades 4
PHY 1070 Survey of Physics 3
PHY 1075 Survey of Physics Lab 1
Choose One:  SPE 2010 Effective Speaking or SPE 2200 Interpersonal Communication 3
  *Social Science Elective 3
  *Humanities Elective 3
  Total General Education and Related Credit Hours*Humanities Elective 33/35
  TOTAL CREDIT HOURS*Humanities Elective 64-66

* See page 118 for a listing of specific electives.

For available Certificate Program options, see catalog pages 119–125.

All students graduating from Terra State Community College with an Associate degree of any kind will be functionally proficient in common computer operations and applications. Please see your academic advisor or academic division office for further details.

To determine when courses are scheduled, see program curriculum sheet which is available from the Enrollment Services office in Building A/Room 100, from the Business, Engineering Technologies and Workforce Development Division, Building E, Room 107.

Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Thursday, February 11, 2016.    

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