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Internships at Terra State


Internships at Terra State provide students with an opportunity to integrate classroom studies with the world of work and learn important job skills while pursuing a college degree. Through this program, Terra State works to connect students with potential employers. 

Student Benefits:

  • Test drive a potential career choice  
  • Earn money for educational expenses  
  • Network with professionals who can help launch a career  
  • Develop practical communication and interpersonal skills on the job  

Employer Benefits:

  • A cost-effective recruiting and training program  
  • An excellent pool of well-prepared employees  
  • Stronger retention rates among permanent employees recruited and hired through Internships at Terra State 
  • Improved personnel selection including access to minority students for permanent employment     
  • New ideas and enthusiasm for both employers and educators  

~For more information about Internships at Terra State, contact:

Haley Abraugh
Work Experience Specialist
Email: habraugh01@terra.edu

Cancelled Classes

 There are class cancellations for Thursday, February 11, 2016.    

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